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10 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Steven Yeun, Danny Cho Of Netflix’s Beef

Uncover the fascinating and lesser-known aspects of Steven Yeun, the talented actor behind The Walking Dead’s Glenn and Beef’s Danny Cho. From his unexpected degree to his love for the Detroit Pistons, these 10 intriguing facts will give you a glimpse into the life and passions of this versatile actor, beyond the screen.

You might know him as Glenn Rhee from the incredibly popular series ‘The Walking Dead,‘ but now, Steven Yeun is making headlines for his role as Danny Cho in the critically-acclaimed Netflix series ‘Beef.‘ With his captivating performance alongside Ali Wong, Steven is once again stealing the spotlight and captivating audiences worldwide.

But how well do you know the talented actor behind these remarkable roles? Join us as we uncover ten intriguing tidbits about Steven Yeun, diving deep into his background, hidden talents, and fascinating personal life.

A Name Transformed: Sang-Yeop To Steven

Steven Yeun was born Yeun Sang-Yeop in South Korea, but after immigrating to the United States at a young age, he adopted the name ‘Steven‘ to fit in with his new environment. As he embarked on his acting career, the name stuck, and he has been known as Steven Yeun ever since.

The Psychology Of An Actor

Before pursuing his passion for acting, Steven earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kalamazoo College in Michigan. Who knows? Maybe this knowledge of the human mind has contributed to his ability to create such compelling and relatable characters on-screen!

A Big Bang Cameo

You may not know that Steven had a brief but memorable appearance in the hit sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory.‘ He played Sheldon’s former roommate, Sebastian, in a 2010 episode, providing a glimpse of his comedic talents before he became a household name.

Born In Korea, But A Language Barrier Remains

Although Steven was born in South Korea and moved to the United States when he was five years old, he is not fluent in Korean. He has shared in interviews that he struggles with the language, feeling a disconnect with his cultural heritage, and continues to work on improving his proficiency.

Strumming The Strings: Steven’s Musical Interests

When he’s not acting, Steven enjoys playing the guitar and singing, showcasing his artistic talents beyond the screen. He’s even shared videos of his musical performances on social media, proving that he’s as skilled with a six-string as he is in front of the camera. You can even see Steven singing in Netflix’s ‘Beef’!

Fears And Phantoms: Steven’s Spooky Side

Despite starring in the zombie series ‘The Walking Dead,’ Steven has a fear of ghosts and supernatural beings. This surprising revelation adds an intriguing layer to his character, as his role in the show often placed him in the midst of eerie and frightening situations.

A Friendship Forged In The Apocalypse

On the set of ‘The Walking Dead,’ Steven formed a close friendship with co-star Lauren Cohan, who played Maggie Greene. Their on-screen chemistry translated to a strong bond off-screen, and the two have remained best friends even after leaving the show.

Sharing Fans’ Dislike: Lori From TWD

It turns out that Steven shared fans’ dislike for the character Lori, played by Sarah Wayne Callies, on ‘The Walking Dead.’ In interviews, he has admitted to finding the character frustrating, just like many viewers of the show.

A Korean Adventure With Conan O’Brien

In 2016, Steven joined talk show host Conan O’Brien on a trip to South Korea, where they filmed a special episode for Conan’s show. During their adventure, they visited a Korean spa, learned Taekwondo, tried out traditional Korean cuisine, and even made a guest appearance on a Korean soap opera. The duo’s hilarious escapades provided a unique insight into Steven’s personality and sense of humor.

A Die-Hard Detroit Pistons Fan

Steven is an avid fan of the Detroit Pistons, the professional basketball team based in his home state of Michigan. His love for the team runs deep, so much so that he would drive 11 hours from Atlanta, where ‘The Walking Dead’ was filmed, to Detroit just to watch the Pistons play. He passionately cheers them on during games and shares his support on social media.

So, from his unique background to his hidden talents and personal interests, Steven Yeun is a multifaceted actor whose journey has captivated fans worldwide. As he continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with his role in ‘Beef,’ we can’t wait to see what new surprises and stories he’ll share with us next.



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