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‘3 Body Problem’ Sets Season 3 As The Final

The show will get to cover all three Liu Cixin books.

‘3 Body Problem’ premiered earlier this year and adapted the first of Liu Cixin’s ‘Remembrance of Earth’s Past’ trilogy in Season 1. Netflix renewed the series for more episodes soon after the release, but it was uncertain whether the story would end in Season 2 or not.

The streaming platform cleared the air on the topic and confirmed its plans to make a third season as well at a FYSEE panel on Friday.

There’s Enough Time To Tell The Whole Story

The upcoming seasons will likely focus on Cixin’s ‘The Dark Forest’ and ‘Death’s End,’ respectively. Writers David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo say they will have enough time to conclude the series as they planned for years.

Weiss’ words to The Hollywood Reporter read:

“We knew going into this how many hours we need to tell the rest of the story because we’ve got a roadmap through to the end. And we have what we need to get to the end as intended from when we started.”

Benioff added:

“By the time we finish with the show, it will be seven years we’ve devoted to it. We’re now at a place where we get to tell the rest of the story, and, yes, we have enough time to tell the rest of the story the way we want to and that’s immensely gratifying.”

Some Things May Remain A Secret

‘3 Body Problem’ Season 1 centered on a group of scientists making plans to stop the San-Ti before they landed on Earth in 400 years. The books didn’t fully show or describe these aliens, and the writers are not sure if the show should.

Woo previously told ComicBook that it would be a ‘great problem’ to have the San-Ti in the series. Benioff agreed by saying:

“There is one alien who is described in part of the books, not necessarily aliens who are invading, but a character named Singer. If we get the Singer, that’s maybe my favorite theme in the whole trilogy. If we can get the Singer, that would be, as Alex said, a really interesting problem. Do we show him… or it? Do we show all of it? Part of it?”

The sci-fi adaptation is currently one of the most watched Netflix shows.



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