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5 Facts About Disenchantment’s Rebellious Drunkowitz, Princess ‘Bean’ Tiabeanie

Get ready to explore the world of Dreamland’s most unconventional princess! Learn about Princess Bean’s diverse love life, her fearless defiance of the ‘damsel in distress’ trope, and how her character pays tribute to classic animation. See how Bean challenges medieval stereotypes and becomes an unapologetic feminist icon, all while capturing the hearts of ‘Disenchantment’ fans everywhere.

Say hello to Princess Bean, the rule-breaking protagonist of Matt Groening’s animated series ‘Disenchantment.‘ This isn’t your average fairy tale — set in the medieval kingdom of Dreamland; the show follows the wild escapades of Bean, a headstrong and fiercely independent princess who challenges the status quo at every turn.

If you’re a fan of ‘Disenchantment,’ you know there’s more to Bean than meets the eye. Here are five fascinating facts about our favorite rebellious royal, Princess Bean, that showcase her unique character and impact on the series.

Love Knows No Bounds

Bean’s love life is as diverse as her personality. Throughout the series, she’s shown to be bisexual, developing romantic connections with both male and female characters (especially mermaids). Fun fact: her voice actress, Abbi Jacobson, is also bisexual!

Flipping The Script On The ‘Damsel In Distress’

Princess Bean isn’t one to wait around for a knight in shining armor. She’s bold, resourceful, and never backs down from a challenge. Bean’s actions consistently prove that she’s more than capable of saving herself and others, putting a fresh spin on the tired damsel in distress trope.

Classic Animation Meets Modern Attitude

Bean’s distinctive character design pays homage to 1930s American cartoon characters like Betty Boop, incorporating the iconic big eyes and exaggerated features of the era. This throwback to classic animation is a fun nod to the past, while Bean’s modern sensibilities keep her character feeling fresh and relevant.

Challenging Medieval Stereotypes

Bean’s character serves as a vehicle to poke fun at and question various aspects of medieval society. Through her actions and dialogue, the show satirizes topics like politics, religion, and gender roles, encouraging viewers to think critically about these subjects while enjoying the humor and adventure.

The Unapologetic Feminist Royal

Princess Bean’s refusal to adhere to traditional gender roles makes her a feminist icon in the world of animation. Her independence, courage, and determination demonstrate that women can be strong, capable leaders who defy societal expectations and forge their own paths.

So, there you have it — Princess Bean’s unique character in ‘Disenchantment’ shatters conventions and offers a fresh perspective on the traditional princess narrative. Her fearlessness, wit, and charm have resonated with fans and surely made her a standout figure in the realm of animated TV shows.



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