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5 Facts You Should Know About Kola Bokinni aka Isaac McAdoo Of Ted Lasso

From his family’s struggle to his views on ‘Ted Lasso’s storylines, here are five key facts about Kola Bokinni.

Known for his portrayal of Isaac McAdoo in the acclaimed series ‘Ted Lasso,’ Kola Bokinni is an actor with various roles and interests. Here are five facts about him that fans and viewers might find interesting.

5. You May Have Seen Him in ‘Black Mirror’

Before his role in ‘Ted Lasso,’ Bokinni appeared in the British science fiction anthology series ‘Black Mirror.’ In the 2016 episode titled ‘Men Against Fire,‘ he played the character Lennard. This episode explores the story of a soldier, Stripe, who discovers a shocking truth about his reality-altering neural implant, MASS. Bokinni’s role in this critically acclaimed series marked a step in his acting career.

4. Bokinni Appeared in ‘FIFA 23’ as His ‘Ted Lasso’ Character

Bokinni’s character from ‘Ted Lasso’ was featured as a playable character in the FIFA video game. His reaction to seeing his likeness in one of the world’s most popular sports games was one of disbelief and joy.

3. He is a Football Fan Himself

Off-screen, Bokinni is an enthusiastic football fan, supporting Arsenal. His personal interest in football extends beyond just watching; he enjoys playing as well, favoring the position of a forward unlike Isaac.

2. His Father, Taiwo, Was Living With Dementia

Back in September, Bokinni shared his family’s challenging journey with his father’s vascular dementia. His father, Taiwo, began showing symptoms while Bokinni was filming the first series of ‘Ted Lasso.’ Sadly, Taiwo passed away on November 1 this year.

1. Bokinni Ships Ted and Rebecca in ‘Ted Lasso’

Regarding the storyline of ‘Ted Lasso,’ Bokinni sees the relationship between Ted and Rebecca as a plausible development, given their close working relationship and personal backgrounds.


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