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5 Scarlett Johansson Movies That Are A Waste Of Time To Watch

Scarlett Johansson, the queen of the box office, boasts an impressive resume with films grossing almost $15 billion. Despite her undeniable talent, not every movie on her list is a must-watch. Today, we’re uncovering five of her films that you might want to skip.

Scarlett Johansson, the queen of the box office, has an undeniably impressive resume, where she has consistently been the highest-paid actress in the world. Thanks to her many appearances in some of the biggest franchises and most impressive roles of all time, her films have grossed almost $15 billion. However, even the greatest actors have a few skeletons in their closet, and today, we’re going to uncover those hidden gems (or should I say, hidden duds). Buckle up, folks, because we’re about to dive into five Scarlett Johansson movies that are better left unwatched.

Eight Legged Freaks (2002) – Arachnophobic Antics

This comedy-horror flick tried to weave a web of laughs and thrills but ended up tangled in its own mess. Scarlett plays Ashley Parker, a character stuck in the middle of an arachnid invasion. The film’s cheesy dialogue and absurd plot make it less of a spine-tingling experience and more of a cringe-fest. Although it’s somewhat amusing to see a young Johansson battling giant spiders, the movie falls short in both the comedy and horror departments.

Ghost in the Shell (2017) – A Shell of Its Source Material

‘Ghost in the Shell,’ the controversial adaptation of a beloved Japanese manga and anime series. Johansson’s casting as Major Motoko Kusanagi stirred up quite the white-washing controversy, and frankly, the film failed to make up for it in other areas. The visuals were underwhelming, lacking the depth and grittiness that fans of the original series would expect. While Scarlett’s acting chops were on display, the movie itself left much to be desired, making it a visually unfulfilling and culturally insensitive adaptation.

Rough Night (2017) – A Rough Ride Indeed

Scarlett leads an all-star female cast in this dark comedy that had the potential to be a laugh riot. The premise seemed promising, but the film quickly devolved into a chaotic mess. Despite the comedic talents of the cast, the script failed to provide them with enough material to save the movie from its muddled storyline. If you’re looking for a hilarious night in, ‘Rough Night’ will leave you with more of a rough aftertaste.

My Brother the Pig (1999) – A Hogwash of a Film

In this bizarre fantasy-comedy, Scarlett takes on the¬†lead role as a sister who must save her brother after he’s turned into a pig. Not sure what the filmmakers were thinking, but this swine-centered adventure is far from a cinematic masterpiece. With an abysmal 4.0 IMDb rating, ‘My Brother the Pig’ is less of a delightful romp and more of a cinematic roadkill. If you’re in the mood for a family-friendly Johansson film, there are much better options available.

The Spirit (2008) – A Spiritless Superhero Saga

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe catapulted Scarlett to superstardom, she dabbled in the superhero genre with The Spirit. The film attempted to create a unique neo-noir aesthetic but fell flat with its weak story and cringe-worthy dialogue. Despite the presence of Samuel L. Jackson, another MCU veteran, ‘The Spirit’s’ lackluster writing left it gasping for air. In a world filled with incredible superhero films, this one is best left buried in the past.

As we’ve ventured through the murky depths of Johansson’s filmography, let’s not forget that every actor has a few missteps in their career, and Scarlett is no exception. But don’t let these blunders overshadow her undeniable talent and the numerous outstanding performances she has delivered over the years. Instead, consider these films a reminder that even the brightest stars have their off days. So, while these five movies may not be worth your time, remember that there’s a wealth of fantastic Scarlett Johansson films out there waiting to be discovered and appreciated. Cheers to Scarlett and her remarkable career that continues to dazzle and inspire us all.



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