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6 Best TV Shows Starring Briga Heelan aka Jenny Miller Of Ground Floor

From sitcoms to dramedies, Briga Heelan has become a familiar face on television. In this article, we give you the 6 best TV shows to watch if you want to see more from her.

Apart from ‘Ground Floor,’ Briga Heelan has graced our screens in various roles, whether it’s comedy or drama. Let’s see the 6 best TV shows that have featured her!

6. B Positive – IMDb: 6.3

B Positive‘ follows the journey of a therapist and a newly divorced father who requires a kidney donor. Unable to find a donor within his family, a woman from his past steps forward to offer one of her kidneys. The series, which aired from November 5, 2020, to March 10, 2022, on CBS, is based on the real-life experiences of series creator Marco Pennette.

In ‘B Positive,’ Heelan plays Samantha Turner, a driven millennial facing kidney failure. Despite her struggles, she’s portrayed as a good-hearted person trying to balance her health challenges with career aspirations.

5. Great News – IMDb: 7.0

Set in the world of television news, ‘Great News‘ is a comedic look at the professional and personal relationship of a news producer and her mother, who joins the team as an intern. Heelan stars as Katherine ‘Katie’ Wendelson, a segment producer whose world turns upside down with her mother’s arrival. The show aired on NBC starting April 25, 2017 and concluded after two seasons.

4. Cougar Town – IMDb: 7.0

In ‘Cougar Town,‘ Heelan had the opportunity to play Holly, a character introduced in the third and sixth seasons as one of Grayson Ellis’ former lovers. Spanning six seasons, the series follows Jules Cobb, a divorced woman in her 40s navigating the complexities of life’s next chapter. The show started on ABC and was later picked up by TBS, completing its run on March 31, 2015.

3. Ground Floor – IMDb: 7.2

Heelan is perhaps best known for her role as Jenny Miller in ‘Ground Floor.‘ The TBS sitcom, which aired for two seasons from November 14, 2013, to February 10, 2015, focuses on the romantic relationship between Brody, a successful banker, and Jenny, a maintenance supervisor in his building. Critics praised Heelan’s performance for her ability to bring authenticity and relatability to her character. Besides, the series had a multi-camera setup, allowing the actress to work simultaneously with ‘Undateable.’

2. Undateable – IMDb: 7.3

Undateable‘ is a series following Danny Burton and his friends navigating the complexities of relationships and dating. It aired on NBC from May 29, 2014, to January 29, 2016. Heelan was initially cast as a guest star, playing Nicki, the ex-girlfriend of one of the main characters. She replaced Aly Michalka and later Megan Park for the Nicki role.

1. Love – IMDb: 7.7

The highest-rated show on our list is ‘Love,‘ a Netflix original series that offers a realistic look at dating. Heelan plays Heidi McAuliffe, a recurring character who appears in 6 episodes between 2016 and 2017. The series delves into the lives of two main characters, Mickey and Gus, as they struggle with their personal demons while trying to forge a relationship.



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