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6 Lesser-Known Facts About Anya Taylor-Joy’s Mystery Thriller ‘Last Night In Soho’

Directed by Edgar Wright, ‘Last Night In Soho’ takes us on a journey filled with surprises and hidden meanings.

Directed by Edgar Wright, ‘Last Night In Soho‘ is a 2021 mystery-thriller featuring Anya Taylor-Joy as Sandie. Here are six lesser-known facts about the film that may have slipped under your radar.

6. The Film’s Title Was Wright’s Third Choice

Wright originally named the film ‘Red Light Area’ and then briefly considered naming it ‘The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.’ However, the movie eventually found its identity with its third and final title, ‘Last Night In Soho.’ Actually, this title was inspired by a conversation with none other than a famous director.

5. It Was Quentin Tarantino Who Gave The Film Its Name

Interestingly, Quentin Tarantino had a role in naming the film. During a discussion about Wright’s 2007 movie, ‘Death Proof,’ Tarantino suggested the title ‘Last Night in Soho’ while referencing a song. This timely suggestion came just as Wright was struggling to find a fitting title after discarding his initial two choices.

4. Wright Was Inspired By His Parents’ Stories

Behind the 1960s setting lies a personal touch from director Edgar Wright. The inspiration for ‘Last Night In Soho’ stems from Wright’s parents’ coming-of-age stories from the 1960s. Imbued with nostalgia, Wright explored their record collections as well. This research helped the film’s authentic depiction of Soho during this period.

3. Matt Smith Took Dancing Lessons For The Film

Upon seeing there was a dance scene in the movie, Matt Smith decided it would be a good idea. However, he had no prior dance experience. In an interview, he revealed that, unlike his fellow cast members, mastering the dance moves proved to be more time-consuming.

2. The Garlic Smell Had a Secret Meaning

Much like the subtle hints in other Edgar Wright films, ‘Last Night In Soho’ reveals a twist early on. The seemingly innocent question about garlic, asked by Ms. Collins, holds another meaning. Behind the guise of a bistro’s persistent smell lies a cover for the truth – decomposed bodies she hid within the walls.

1. 8 P.M. Has A Significance As Well

Ms. Collins’ rule about no male guests after 8 P.M. hints at the significance of that time in relation to Sandie’s true identity. During the flashback-dream sequences, we see that Jack comes to pick up Sadie for a date but fails to arrive at 8 P.M. This breaks Sadie’s trust in him earlier on.



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