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7 Characters Who Were Treated Unfairly By The Plots

These seven characters represent instances where plot decisions have overshadowed the potential depth and development of characters. As a result, we are left wondering what could have been if their stories had been given the attention they deserved.

In cinema, sometimes characters fall victim to plot decisions that leave fans questioning the fairness of their fates. Here are seven such characters from various films, whose journeys seem unfairly cut short or misdirected by the narratives.

7. Jurassic World – Zara

In ‘Jurassic World,‘ Zara, played by Katie McGrath, is a British woman tasked with looking after children in a chaotic dinosaur park. Despite her role, Zara meets a horrific end that has sparked debate. Rumors suggest McGrath sought a memorable death scene, but the character’s portrayal raises questions. Originally intended to have more screen time to present her as unlikeable, this change might have influenced audience perception as it made her brutal end seem less impactful.

6. Liar Liar – Jerry

Jerry, a character in ‘Liar Liar,‘ is a sincere and devoted partner and potential stepfather. However, the film’s narrative seems to sideline his positive traits, focusing instead on Fletcher’s redemption arc. The movie’s ending overlooks Jerry’s suitability as a father figure for Max, instead opting for a more conventional family reunion that fails to present the complexities of family dynamics.

5. Leviathan – Justin Jones

In the 1989 film ‘Leviathan,‘ Justin Jones, portrayed by Ernie Hudson, is part of a crew battling an underwater monster. His character’s sudden demise at the film’s climax, just when salvation seems imminent, is a jarring turn. The abrupt ending, coupled with the lack of acknowledgment of Jones’ contribution, is a missed opportunity to give the character a more meaningful exit.

4. 2012 – Gordon Silberman

Gordon Silberman, portrayed by Tom McCarthy in ‘2012,‘ is a compassionate stepfather and a key figure in the survival of the main characters. Despite this, his character is killed off in a narrative convenience to reunite the lead character with his ex-wife. This plot choice not only diminishes Gordon’s role but also overlooks potential developments in his character arc.

3. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – Roxy

Roxy, in the first ‘Kingsman’ film, is a character who effectively complements the protagonist, Eggsy. However, in ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle,‘ her character is abruptly eliminated early in the sequel. This quick and seemingly careless removal from the plot is a point of contention, especially for the fans who liked her role in the original film.

2. Saw 3D – Joyce

Saw 3D‘ introduces Joyce, whose fate is seemingly unfair. Joyce, innocent and unaware of the actions of her husband, is subjected to a gruesome end. This contrasts the series’ antagonist John’s usual modus operandi, which typically targets those deemed deserving of such punishment.

1. X-Men: The Last Stand – Cyclops

In ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,‘ Cyclops, a major character from the preceding films, is eliminated off-screen with minimal plot impact. This treatment contrasts with his role in the comics, where he is a central, respected leader. The film’s handling of Cyclops reduces him to a minor player, overshadowed by other characters, and neglects the potential depth his character offers.



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