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7 Fascinating Facts About Carl Grimes Every Walking Dead Should Know

Carl Grimes, a central figure in The Walking Dead, has a story filled with unexpected twists, both on-screen and behind the scenes. Delve into these seven lesser-known facts that reveal the intricacies of his journey.

While fans of The Walking Dead have followed Carl Grimes’ journey from a boy to a survivor, there are still pieces of his story that might surprise even the most dedicated viewers. Here are seven fascinating facts about Carl that shed new light on his character.

7. How Old Was Carl When He Died?

Carl debuted in season 1 at the age of 12. Around a year passes between seasons 1 and 3, so he was around 13 during the prison camp period. And, by season 4, he was likely around 14 years old. However, Carl’s age progression became a bit murky due to the show’s timeline not matching up with the actor’s physical growth.

Despite Chandler Riggs aging noticeably over the seasons, Carl was approximately 15, possibly 16, when his character met his end in season 8.

6. Is Carl Grimes Related to Rick Grimes?

Carl Grimes is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes, both in the AMC television series and the original comic books by Robert Kirkman. Carl’s character starts as a normal child but evolves into a colder persona due to the apocalypse, often conflicting with his father’s views. His character development involves regaining his morality while maintaining his survival skills.

5. How Did Carl Grimes Lose His Eye?

In Season 6, a series of events led to Carl being accidentally shot in the face by Ron Anderson, resulting in the loss of his left eye. This injury not only marked a physical transformation but also symbolized Carl’s loss of innocence and his evolution into a more pragmatic and stoic survivor.

4. His Stunt Double is a 30-Year-Old Woman

Carl’s stunt double in the earlier seasons was 21-year-old Savana Jade Wehunt. As Chandler Riggs grew older, a taller stunt double, 31-year-old female stuntwoman Emily Brobst, was employed. Despite the age and gender difference, Brobst closely resembled Carl, especially when obscured by his cowboy hat.

3. He Can No Longer Eat Pudding Due To The Pudding Scene

During a slower period of the show, Carl finds a big tub of chocolate pudding and eats it. While initially a treat, actor Chandler Riggs had to consume so much pudding during multiple takes that he started hating pudding.

2. He Was Planned To Be Dead During The Prison Arc

There were initial plans for Carl to be killed off during the prison arc, especially in the season three episode ‘Home.’ This plan was eventually scrapped, and Carl’s character continued to be a central figure in the narrative.

1. In The Comics, Carl Actually Kills Shane

In the original comic series, Carl kills Shane Walsh before he turns into a walker. This moment is presented differently in the TV series — Rick kills Shane, and then Carl finishes off Shane’s reanimated corpse. The comic book portrayal shows Carl’s strength and potential as a leader more than the TV version.



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