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8 Little-Known Facts About Gandhi Actor Ben Kingsley’s Movie Career, Ethnicity, And Net Worth

While many know Ben Kingsley for his Oscar-winning role in ‘Gandhi’, few are aware of these facts about the actor.

Behind his unforgettable role in ‘Gandhi,’ Ben Kingsley’s life and career are filled with intriguing tidbits. Here are eight lesser-known aspects of Kingsley’s career and personal life, including his current net worth.

8. He Initially Wanted to Be a Doctor

Born Krishna Pandit Bhanji in 1943 in Snainton, Yorkshire, England, Ben Kingsley was once thought of becoming a doctor. Raised in a family where his father, Rahimtulla Harji Bhanji, was a doctor, Kingsley’s early aspirations leaned towards following in his father’s footsteps. However, he discovered his passion for acting at Pendleton College. Influenced by his mother, English actress and model Anna Lyna Mary, Kingsley decided to be an actor.

7. The Beatles’ Manager Approached Him to Make Him a Pop Star

After making his London stage debut in 1966 in a musical produced by Beatles manager Brian Epstein, Kingsley caught the attention of Beatles recording manager Dick James, who offered him a recording contract. Despite advice from John Lennon and Ringo Starr to pursue music, Kingsley declined, opting instead for a career in acting.

6. Kingsley’s Breakout Role Was in ‘Gandhi’

Kingsley’s depiction of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in the 1982 film ‘Gandhi’ marked a turning point in his career. Winning an Academy Award for Best Actor, this role, on only his second appearance on the big screen, propelled him into the global spotlight. Not only was his performance a critical triumph, but it also established him as a prominent figure in cinema.

5. His Ancestors Hailed From The Same Village As Gandhi

In a twist of fate, while preparing for his role in ‘Gandhi,’ Kingsley discovered that his paternal ancestors originated from the same village in Gujarat, India, as Mahatma Gandhi. Another interesting thing is that he was reading a book about Gandhi only five days before Richard Attenborough called him for the role.

4. Queen Elizabeth II Knighted Him as ‘Sir Ben Kingsley’

In 2002, Ben Kingsley was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his contributions to acting. The actor, who insisted on being addressed as ‘Sir Ben’ for a long time, considers this honor to be a major milestone in his career.

3. Apart From Gandhi, He Is Also Famous For ‘Sexy Beast’

In the 2000 crime film ‘Sexy Beast’, Kingsley received praise for his talented portrayal of the psychopathic gangster Don Logan. This role not only earned him widespread acclaim but also an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

2. Kingsley Has Been Married Four Times

Kingsley’s personal life has seen its share of changes. The actor has been married four times and has four children from previous marriages. He is currently married to Brazilian actress Daniela Lavender since 2007. The couple is known for their philanthropic work, especially concerning children in third-world countries.

1. Ben Kingsley’s 2023 Net Worth

As of 2023, Ben Kingsley’s net worth stands at an impressive $60 million, resulting from his successful career spanning several decades in both theater and film.



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