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8 Little-Known Facts About Meredith Hagner’s Career And Marriage To Wyatt Russell

From her humble beginnings in the acting world to her adventures as a mother and wife, here are 8 facts about Meredith Hagner that you might not know.

Apart from her on-screen presence, there’s much about Meredith Hagner’s personal life and career that remains behind the scenes. Here are eight lesser-known facts about her journey in showbiz and her life with actor Wyatt Russell.

8. She Made Her TV Debut In A Soap Opera

Meredith’s career in the entertainment scene began with a role in the soap opera ‘As the World Turns.’ Interestingly, at that moment in her career, she had just $10 in her bank account.

7. Her Younger Sister Has Down Syndrome

Meredith has a younger sister, Kerry Hagner, who has Down Syndrome. In a previous Instagram post, she shared a picture of Kerry and her husband Wyatt hugging, with the caption ‘My heart.’

6. Meredith’s Favorite Food is Lobster Rolls

Like many of us who have a go-to favorite dish, Meredith’s is lobster rolls.

5. Hagner and Wyatt Russell Met On The Set

Meredith’s romance with Wyatt Russell bloomed on the set of the 2016 film ‘Folk Hero & Funny Guy.’ The couple’s relationship began off-screen despite not playing love interests in the movie.

4. The Couple Tied The Knot at Wyatt’s Parents’ Home

In 2019, Meredith and Wyatt exchanged vows in a private ceremony at Wyatt’s parents’ home near Aspen, Colorado.

3. They Enjoy Hiking and Camping

The couple shares a love for the outdoors. In 2020, they spent five weeks living out of their van. This adventure, during which Meredith was pregnant, was shared on social media by the actress.

2. Meredith and Wyatt Have A Son

In March 2021, Meredith and Wyatt welcomed their son, Buddy Prine Russell, into the world. The pregnancy and birth were announced and confirmed with Hagner’s Instagram posts, in which she wrote, ‘It’s been nothing short of magic’ about her experience.

1. The Pair is Expecting Another Baby

The family is set to grow, with the couple expecting their second child. Wyatt shared this news in a recent interview, noting their son Buddy is trying to understand the concept of being a big brother.



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