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AnnaSophia Robb Shares A Special Memoir With Late Cicely Tyson As She Pens Down An Emotional Tribute

American actress AnnaSophia Robb penned down a heartfelt tribute after the devastating death of the legendary actress Cicely Tyson at the age of 96 and shared a special memory with Tyson when Robb was at the beginning of her career on her Instagram account.

Cicely Tyson was a successful actress who had devoted her life to cinema and theater, and throughout her career, she gained an Oscar nomination for her role as the sharecropper’s wife in “Sounder,” a Tony Award in 2013, and won two Emmys for playing the 110-year-old former slave.

After her sudden death, many celebrities in Hollywood commemorated the famous artist and expressed their sorrow for her passing, while at the same time honoring the artist by sharing the good memories they had with her. One of those celebrities was AnnaSophia Robb and she shared throwback photos from the set of ‘Because of Winn-Dixie‘ which they shot with Cicely Tyson in 2005.

Expressing that she had the opportunity to play with the one and only Cicely Tyson when she was 9 years old, Robb expressed her feelings as follows:

“I worked with the one and only Cicely Tyson when I was 9, and I didn’t understand what an icon she was at that time … my parents tried to explain, but it didn’t sink in at that age, as it does now.”

The 27-year-old continued her tribute by sharing one of memories with Tyson as she described her smell like sweet coffee and stated that she loved to stare at her admiring her beauty and radiated warmth. She described her features she remembered with the following words:

“I remember her thin, strong frame and her firm hands clasped around my arms. She was so strong for such a little lady … and I didn’t even know the half of it.

She smelled like sweet coffee and I remember loving when she grasped me because her skin was so smooth and radiated warmth. I loved staring at her, as little kids tend to do, admiring the taught shiny apples of her cheekbones and her earlobes with dangling hoops. It’s funny that these are the things I most vividly remember.”

In her rather long memoir about Cicely, the actress also revealed that she learned to not to hold her bladder and treat herself well from Miss Tyson at the set. In her words:

“Oh, and maybe this is TMI, but Cicely once saw me fussing before a take and asked if I had to go to the bathroom; I told her I could wait until the scene was over, but she told me that you only have one bladder, so treat it well, ‘they’ could wait. It was practical advice, and now every time I think ‘do I run or hold it’ on set … I always run and think of Miss Tyson.”

AnnaSophia Robb wished that she knew Cicely Tyson as a woman, but she is still glad that she has childhood memories with her. Moreover, she remembered how Tyson never did her scenes twice in the same way and had a delightful laugh.

“I remember sitting beside her, digging and patting in the dirt feeling so full, listening to her monologue about the mistake tree. She never did her scenes the same way twice and I was delighted by her wide laugh. I’ll treasure those childhood memories, though I wish I knew her as a woman.”

In the last words of her tribute, Robb thanked Cicely Tyson for her beautiful work while praising her for treating her with kindness and respect although she was just a 9-year-old kid.

“Thank you, Cicely, for your legacy and your beautiful work. Thank you for treating me with such kindness and respect even though I was just a kid. You made me feel like a grown person, and that inspired me to be my best. Rest in power ❤️”

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