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Aunt May Is Reportedly Coming Back For ‘Spider-Man 4’

Marvel may bring back Aunt May in the next Spider-Man movie, despite her death in ‘No Way Home.’

Reports say that Aunt May might be returning in the next Spider-Man movie.

Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) died in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’ This was a big turning point for Peter Parker, but new reports suggest that she can come back in some way in ‘Spider-Man 4.’ According to RejectedScooper on Twitter, it was MyTimeToShineHello who shared the news:

“‘Spider-Man 4’ will feature Marisa Tomei. ‘How?’ you ask. Wait and see.”

Some think she may appear in flashback scenes. Nothing is confirmed yet by Marvel or Sony.

See the source below:

Spider-Man 4 Has No Release Date Yet

‘Spider-Man 4’ is confirmed to be in development. The previous Spider-Man movies in the Homecoming series had a two-year gap between them, but it’s been longer this time. Tom Holland shared some updates recently. He said they want to make sure they have the best story before starting the next movie:

“We have the best in the business working toward whatever the story might be. But until we’ve cracked it, we have a legacy to protect. The third movie was so special in so many ways that we need to make sure we do the right thing.”

It seems they feel lots of pressure because ‘No Way Home’ was such a big hit.

You can watch ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ on Disney Plus.



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