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Barry Keoghan Can’t Really Say Anything About ‘Batman: Part II’: ‘My Smile Says It All’

The ‘Saltburn’ actor hints at his return as The Joker in the upcoming ‘The Batman II.’

After a brief yet memorable appearance as The Joker in a scene at the end of ‘The Batman’ (2022), Barry Keoghan has left fans guessing about his role in the upcoming sequel, ‘The Batman II.’ With filming set to start in March 2024, there’s growing curiosity about whether Keoghan will reprise his role.

In a chat with Etalk, the actor sparked further speculation by saying:

“Uhm… I can’t really say anything about that, my man, but it would be exciting, wouldn’t it? To see The Joker come to life again. My smile says all. You know what I mean.”

So far, the cast for ‘The Batman II’ is mostly unconfirmed. What’s known is that Robert Pattinson will return as Batman, and Andy Serkis will again play Alfred.

The Main Villain Of The Next Film

The details about the sequel, including the main villain, remain unclear. Despite fan theories, it seems The Joker might not be the primary antagonist in this next installment.

Director Matt Reeves has mentioned that Keoghan’s scene in the first movie wasn’t a hint for the sequel. He suggested that The Joker’s presence in the next film isn’t guaranteed:

“So the scene is not meant to be there to say, ‘Oh, here’s an Easter egg. The next movie is X.’ I don’t know that the Joker would be in the next movie, but I can tell you that here’s what you’re seeing, is an early days version of this character, and trouble, as always, is brewing in Gotham.”

The Upcoming Movie’s Possible Release Date

‘The Batman II’ is scheduled for release on October 3, 2025. The production was initially set for November 2023 but was delayed due to the writers’ and actors’ strikes last summer.

The film could still hit its 2025 release, but fans might need to be ready for possible delays. About its possible date, DC Studios’ James Gunn last year explained:

“I’m not sure where you’re getting your production dates, but ‘Batman 2’ is coming out as early as it possibly can, with enough time for Matt to do what he needs to do to make it as great as possible.”

He also mentioned what to expect from the project:

“Matt is working on ‘The Batman – Part II,’ which he thinks of as a Batman crime saga that also includes the Penguin TV series. The Batman is its own thing. Matt’s hard at work on it. He came in and pitched us some amazing stuff the other day, so our plan is for that to continue.”

According to the rumors, Colin Farrell’s The Penguin is one of the characters to return in the upcoming film, along with Jeffrey Wright’s James Gordon.



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