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‘Better Call Saul’ Actor Bryan Cranston States The U.S. Started Healing Process With Joe Biden: “We Can Erase The Distrust”

Hollywood actor Bryan Cranston, who gained further recognition for his role as ‘Walter White’ in the fan-favorite crime drama ‘Breaking Bad,’ issued a statement on Instagram on the day of the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the US to expresses that he is grateful for the result of the 2020 presidential election.

Academy Award-nominated actor included a photo, in which Kamala Harris and Biden are seen waving hands to the public during the inauguration ceremony, and added a note that reads:

“Today, as we witnessed history being made, we have an opportunity as Americans to come together and start the healing process from the damage inflicted upon our society.”

Stating with hard work and cooperation it is possible to make America better for all the people who live in, the ‘Better Call Saul‘ actor continued his message with full of hope:

We can erase the distrust in our electoral system, the news media, and our government. Our own political ideology shouldn’t create enemies out of our fellow citizens that may disagree with our point of view.”

According to the two-time Tony award-winning actor, it is important to express feelings and thoughts while being faithful, respectful, and kind because intellectual challenges strengthen ideals. Cranston concluded his words as follows:

Better days are ahead. And it started today. Peace and Health.”

The 64-year-old actor, who announced a few months ago that he had tested positive for COVID-19 and had a highly tough recovery process, has been supporting Joe Biden & Kamala Harris without voicing their names and the party they lead, since day one. Preferred to stay low-key regarding the political issues, Cranston revealed through the abovementioned post that he is thankful for calling Joe Biden Mr. President.

In order to access the mentioned Instagram post, click here.

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