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‘Birdman’ Actor Michael Keaton Slams US Capitol Rioters By Calling Them “White Terrorists”

Hollywood actor Michael Keaton, who received numerous awards for his iconic portrayals in ‘Beetlejuice,’ Tim Burton’s ‘Batman,’ and ‘Clean Sober,’ could not keep silent after US Capitol had been stormed by the supporters of Donald Trump.

The ‘Birdman‘ star took to Instagram and released a photo of a LA Times’ report that announcing the news with the headline “Trump-Incited Mob Storms U.S Capitol” and added a caption to express his thoughts over the issue. In his message Keaton directly accused Trump of making all this mess and causing that four people had died. He wrote:

“Let’s be clear-in almost every case, when you see an insurrection like this in other countries, it’s people who are truly oppressed-usually under the rule of a despot.”

Then the Hollywood star addressed the rioters, who invaded Capitol after Joe Biden’s win in Georgia, and described them as terrorists:

“You rioters (white terrorists) are NOT oppressed. For one thing police don’t shoot people unnecessarily who look like you.”

Keaton then stressed that this riot had occurred because of a “junior varsity despot” and continued by both slamming Trump’s administration and LA Times’ headline:

“This riot occurred BECAUSE of a junior varsity despot and ALL in his camp. He is an alleged billionaire (probably not) who not only is nothing remotely like you, he thinks you’re stupid. The LA Times referred to this riot as idiotic. Suggestion-take a look @ places in the world where people are truly oppressed.”

Following the post, a great number of Instagram users flooded the comment section; some of them supported him, while some of them asked him where he was when the ‘Black Lives Matter‘ protests were going on.

Here is the post.

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