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Photo Credit: Busy Philipps - Instagram Photos


Busy Philipps Takes To Mean Certain Facts Regarding Society While Watching ‘Titanic’ With Her Daughter

One of the most seen epic romance and disaster film, ‘Titanic‘ is heading on reminding its audiences some societal truths; Busy Philipps‘ latest post is real proof of that.

On February 21, the ‘Dawson’s Creek‘ star updated her Instagram feed with an array of photos of her lovely daughter as she is seeing the legendary movie for the first time. Alongside the photos, Philipps, gearing up appearing in the new TV show ‘Girl5Eva,’ wrote the following message as a caption:

“Birdie legit made me sob when they described the saddest part of the movie as ‘not when jack died, cause duh-we know HE’S not gonna make it.’ But rather, ‘when the mom in the lower part of the boat decides to tuck her kids in and sing them to sleep so they’ll just die in their sleep peacefully and not terrified in the cold water.'”

Following sharing her daughter’s reviews on the movie, directed by David Cameron, the actor stated that the story of ‘Titanic’ is totally highlighting white supremacy, and continued:

“The people privileged and lucky enough to be at the top get to leave when they need to and those with less means for whatever reasonbut those who have LESS just do the best they possibly can not to freak their children out even as they know the ship is going down. Ugh.”

Saying that all of these inequalities are mostly systemic and described them as a “failure of our own society and government valuing things over people,” the ‘Love, Inc.’ actor concluded her post with an inspiring message:

We must do better. All of us. I don’t have a specific call to action or anything. This is just a reminder for myself more than anything, I guess. ❤️”

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