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Calle Walton: The Truth About In The Dark Actress’ Past

Born in 2000 in New Hampshire and having lost her eyesight in her youth, Calle Walton’s role as Chloe Riley in ‘In The Dark’ in 2019 marked a transformative period in her life. Calle Walton’s entry into the acting was not just a professional debut but a milestone in representing visually impaired actors on screen.

Calle Walton stepped into the TV scene at the age of 19, with her debut in the series ‘In The Dark.’ Portraying Chloe Riley in the series, Walton’s journey to becoming an actress wasn’t without its challenges. Let’s take a look at Walton’s story before rising to fame and see how she shaped her own path in the industry.

Her Early Life

Born on March 7, 2000, in New Hampshire, Walton is the daughter of Iain Walton and Tracey Bean. However, her early years and family life remain relatively private.

It is known that she has an older brother, though details about him are scarce. Moreover, Walton attended W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind in Ontario, Canada, after initially attending South Meadow School in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

Walton’s life took a turn in the third grade when she began experiencing eye pain. First diagnosed with a mass on her optic nerve, her condition was later identified as cancer. Following this diagnosis, it became apparent that her condition had been a birth defect.

Despite years of treatment, Walton eventually lost her sight. However, she learned to live independently as a visually impaired person, using various assistive technologies and a guide dog.

Despite her visual impairment, Walton had an interest in acting from a young age, and she participated in school plays. She was initially interested in architecture and interior design and considered teaching as a career.

Joining The Cast of ‘In The Dark’

Walton’s big break came with the casting in ‘In The Dark’ at the age of 19. This role was not just a career milestone but also a personal success, as it marked her entry into an industry where such opportunities are rare for visually impaired actors.

To accommodate her needs and assist her, the show’s creators hired a writer who adapted Walton’s scripts to Braille. Before Walton joined the ranks, the show also faced criticism for initially casting a sighted actress in a leading role meant for a visually impaired character.

In The Dark‘ premiered in 2019 and received attention for its portrayal of a visually impaired woman’s struggle. Walton starred as Chloe Riley, a character who mirrored her real-life experiences with visual impairment.

Walton’s Personal Life

Off-screen, Walton has been private about her personal life. Reportedly, she is currently single and primarily focused on her acting career. Her social media presence is also minimal. She has a Facebook account but is not very active.

As she described herself, she is bubbly, energetic, and social, contrasting with her character Chloe’s reserved and shy nature.

Calle Walton’s 2023 Net Worth

Despite her young age, Walton has an estimated net worth of $200,000, primarily through her role in ‘In The Dark.’

As of November 2023, Walton continues to work on ‘In The Dark.’ Additionally, she has expressed plans to further her education, potentially in acting.



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