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Charlie Hunnam Explains His One Condition To Rejoin Pacific Rim For Part 3

Charlie Hunnam expressed his interest in returning to the ‘Pacific Rim’ franchise, but only on one condition.

In a recent interview with Inverse, Charlie Hunnam expressed a willingness to return for a third installment in ‘Pacific Rim.’ However, his involvement comes with a condition.

Hunnam revealed what needs to happen for him to rejoin the franchise, saying:

“I would do anything that Guillermo was doing. If Guillermo invites me to do Pacific Rim 3, I’ll be there, or anything else he wants to do.”

Critical Reception of the First and Second Installments

The first ‘Pacific Rim’ movie was a box-office success. Besides, Hunnam’s portrayal of Raleigh Becket was praised, especially in the character’s handling of personal loss and re-emergence into the fight against the Kaiju.

Despite the 2013 ‘Pacific Rim’s success and Hunnam’s central role, he was absent from the 2018 sequel ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising,‘ which saw Steven S. DeKnight at the helm and del Toro in a producer role. The sequel’s performance and reception were lukewarm compared to the original.

Will There Be a Pacific Rim 3?

Del Toro has been occupied with other projects, including an adaptation of ‘Frankenstein.‘ As of 2021, he indicated no plans to return to the ‘Pacific Rim’ universe. It appears this sentiment is seemingly unchanged to date. He has also not seen the sequel, likening it to ‘watching home movies from your ex-wife.’

Meanwhile, Hunnam has been keeping busy with other projects.

In 2023, he joined Zack Snyder’s Netflix space opera ‘Rebel Moon,’ reuniting him with Djimon Hounsou, his co-star from ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.’ The first part of this series had a limited release in December 2023, and its sequel, ‘Rebel Moon-Part Two: The Scargiver,’ is scheduled for an April 2024 release.

The future of ‘Pacific Rim 3’ remains uncertain, especially with no current developments or official announcements from del Toro or the studios. Hunnam’s recent comments have reignited interest in the potential sequel, but it seems the ball is in del Toro’s court.



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