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Check Out Where ‘The Parkers’ Cast Is Now

Revisit the laughter-filled days of ‘The Parkers,’ the hit early-2000s sitcom that entertained us for five fantastic seasons. Discover what the talented actors, including Countess Vaughn and Mo’Nique, have been doing since the show came to an end!

Hey there, fellow sitcom lovers! Remember that fun and funky show from the early 2000s, ‘The Parkers?’ The spinoff from the hit series ‘Moesha’ had us laughing and grooving for five amazing seasons. It even bagged four NAACP Image Awards for comedy acting! So, where are the talented actors that brought those characters to life now? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and catch up with our favorites from ‘The Parkers.’

Countess Vaughn (Kim Parker)

Our girl Countess Vaughn was a child prodigy, winning the Star Search junior vocalist championship way back in 1988. After making us laugh in ‘Moesha,’ she continued to crack us up as the quirky Kim Parker in ‘The Parkers.’ So, where’s Countess now? She’s been doing some reality TV, like ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ and ‘Hollywood Divas,’ and recently filmed episodes for a comedy called ‘Kim and Niecy.’ Rumor has it; it might be another ‘Moesha’ spinoff!

Mo’Nique (Nikki Parker)

The hilarious and fabulous Mo’Nique was a stand-up comedian before she had us in stitches as the lovable Nikki Parker. After ‘The Parkers,’ she kept shining in projects like ‘Domino’ and ‘Phat Girlz.’ But who could forget her Oscar-winning performance in ‘Precious’? She’s also hosted her own talk show, ‘The Mo’Nique Show,’ and recently wrapped up a project called ‘The Reading.’ Keep shining, Mo’Nique!

Dorien Wilson (Professor Stanley Oglevee)

The charming Dorien Wilson portrayed the handsome and intelligent Professor Oglevee, catching Nikki’s eye from the get-go. After ‘The Parkers,’ Dorien has been busy with over 20 TV shows and 30 movies under his belt. He reunited with Ken Lawson on Bounce TV’s ‘In the Cut’ and has a bunch of projects in pre-production. You go, Dorien!

Jenna von Oÿ (Stevie Van Lowe)

Jenna von Oÿ played Kim’s BFF, Stevie, for all six seasons of ‘The Parkers.’ This talented actress got her start as a child actor and later starred in ‘Blossom.’ After ‘The Parkers,’ Jenna made a few TV appearances and recently showed up in ‘Call Me Kat.’ Off-screen, she’s a writer for Nashville-based lifestyle publication StyleBlueprint. Way to switch it up, Jenna!

Ken Lawson (Thaddeus Tyrell ‘T’ Radcliffe)

Ken Lawson, aka Thaddeus ‘T’ Radcliffe, started in music before he found his way to our TV screens. After ‘The Parkers,’ Ken took a little break and then made a comeback with smaller roles. He later joined forces with Dorien Wilson again in ‘In the Cut’ and appeared in a sci-fi horror film titled ‘Lumina.’

Yvette Wilson (Andell Wilkerson)

The late, great Yvette Wilson brought Andell Wilkerson to life as Nikki’s best friend. She had a successful career before ‘The Parkers,’ including roles in ‘Thea,’ ‘House Party 3,’ and ‘Friday.’ Sadly, Yvette passed away from cervical cancer in 2012. We’ll always remember her amazing talent and spirit.

Mari Morrow (Desiree Littlejohn)

Mari Morrow got her start on ‘Baywatch’ before joining ‘The Parkers’ as Desiree Littlejohn. After her brief stint on the show, Mari continued acting in projects like ‘National Security,’ ‘Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son,’ and ’35 and Ticking.’ On the small screen, she popped up in shows like ‘The Tick,’ ‘The District,’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ Mari keeps on hustling in the acting world, and we’re excited to see where she’ll show up next.

All Caught Up?

So, there you have it! Our beloved ‘The Parkers’ cast is still out there doing their thing, making us laugh, and keeping the spirit of the show alive. If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to revisit the fun, you can catch ‘The Parkers’ in syndication on various cable networks or stream it on Netflix. One thing’s for sure – we’ll never forget the laughs and good times that ‘The Parkers’ brought into our lives. Keep on shining, guys!



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