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Christian Bale Plans On Another Drastic Psychical Transformation For Frankenstein Role

He will start filming soon for Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new movie.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Christian Bale is set to undergo another transformation for his upcoming role as Frankenstein in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s film ‘Bride of Frankenstein.’

Known for his changes in appearance for roles, Bale detailed his plans to prepare for his role as the iconic monster. During a recent interview in Palmdale, California, he hinted at the extreme lengths he is willing to go, saying:

“I’ve got to shave my head next week [for a movie]. I asked them to please let me hold off on doing that, but everyone was going, ‘What’s wrong with Bale? What’s up with him?’ I said, ‘Just let me get through the groundbreaking, and then I’ll be off to join you.”

The actor was in Palmdale for the groundbreaking of a 16-year passion project aimed at creating a communal living space for foster siblings. After his commitment to this cause, Bale’s focus will be back to acting, with filming expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Details About Gyllenhaal’s ‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ Remake

First reported last August and later transitioned from Netflix to Warner Bros., ‘Bride of Frankenstein‘ is set to star Jessie Buckley, Annette Bening, Penelope Cruz, and Peter Sarsgaard. Under Gyllenhaal’s direction, the film sets its story in 1930s Chicago, where the lonely Frankenstein seeks the expertise of Dr. Euphronius to create a companion, leading to the creation of the Bride.

This is Gyllenhaal’s second directorial project, and it promises a brand new take on the Frankenstein mythos, focusing on themes of love and companionship. Meanwhile, Guillermo del Toro is also preparing to release his own adaptation of ‘Frankenstein.

Bale’s approach to acting makes him willing to physically and emotionally immerse himself in his roles. While he dismisses the label of method acting, he has a deep engagement with his characters. Disappearing into roles and a deliberate effort to maintain privacy in his personal life allows Bale to present a wide variety of characters in his career.



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