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Christina Ricci Promises A ‘Brutal’ Season 3 For ‘Yellowjackets’ Fans

Ricci talks about the show’s Season 2 finale and upcoming episodes.

Christina Ricci recently told The Hollywood Reporter that several episodes of ‘Yellowjackets’ Season 3 have already been filmed in Canada since production started on May 14. She commented on the upcoming season:

“This season is going to be even more shocking and surprising than the previous seasons. It’s definitely going to be brutal. But, they also put a lot of comedy into it. So, I think it’s just going to be… extremely ‘Yellowjackets’-y.”

New episodes are set for release in 2025.

The Actress’ Comments On The Season 2 Ending (Spoilers)

Christina Ricci’s Misty Quigley accidentally killed Juliette Lewis’ Natalie in the final episode of Season 2. The actress was surprised about the moment but said it was something Mitsy could get over:

“We’ve seen that she’s done it before. She forgave herself for what she did to her friends in the wilderness, and I think she is someone who does get past things because she is a survivor.”

She added:

“If events in her life were going to have destroyed her, they would have already done it. Because these ladies have been through quite a bit.”

What’s Going To Happen In Season 3?

Ricci admitted that she does not know what to expect for Mitsy and the others in Season 3, though. It seems creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson are holding the details about the new storylines under wraps:

“We aren’t always privy to that stuff. We tend to find out just a bit later than I think people would imagine. But it’s the nature of TV, and it’s just the nature of this show in particular. They don’t tell us anything about storylines, and I don’t even want to ask, because it puts them in a weird position. So, I never ask what’s coming.”

Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets’ follows a group of teenagers trying to survive in wilderness following a plane crash in 1996.



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