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Christopher Lloyd Shares An Emotional Letter From A Young ‘Back To The Future’ Star: “This Is A Great Example”

Actor Christopher Lloyd went to his verified Instagram account with a touching letter he had received from a high school student as well as an ambitious fan of the ‘Back to the Future‘ film series.

Lloyd, best known for portraying ‘Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown‘ in the said film series, uploaded a photo of the letter from Japan and stated that his “fans have always been the greatest in the world.”

In the letter, the following words were written:

“Three years ago I watched one movie, the movie’s name is Back to the Future. And I encountered you for the first time. You said in the movie that ‘Your future is whatever you make it.’ When I heard this word, I was really impressed. I got lost about my future at that time, but your word cheered me.

The letter by Kai Ito concludes as follows:

“And I decided to make my future by myself. I will never forget your word. You are the light of my life. I am thankful to you.”

After all these touching words, the actor added a lengthy caption to express how much he was impressed by her little fan’s letter. The 82-year-old star, who recently appeared as ‘Sal Spinelli’ in the movie ‘Senior Moment,’ wrote the following note as a caption:

“Over the years I have received the kindest and most inspiring messages from you. This is a great example.”

The living legend also asked for the high school student to communicate with him through his social media channels and ended his message as follows:

“Kai Ito from Japan, if you follow me please comment and message me! These words are so thoughtful, and they really moved me. Thank you and of course… ‘Your future is whatever you make it!’”

Here is the letter.

Photo Credit: Christopher Lloyd – Instagram Photos

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