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Dakota Johnson’s Spider Man-Inspired New ‘Madame Web’ Costume Is Revealed

Around a month before its release, Sony finally gave a glimpse into Dakota Johnson’s costume design in the upcoming ‘Madame Web’ film.

The upcoming release of ‘Madame Web’ on February 14 has sparked interest, especially after the reveal of Dakota Johnson’s costume. While the first trailer in November 2023 showed other Spider-Women suits, Johnson’s was kept under wraps until a recent international poster was released online.

You can see the poster below:

The New Suit’s Details

Johnson’s costume, featured in a new image with the other main characters, seems to follow the comic book design closely with modern updates. The outfit stands out with its all-red bodysuit, a clear change from the traditional Spider-Man suits, which usually include a tint of blue.

The texture of Madame Web’s costume sets it apart from the other Spider-Man live-action suits. Instead of the singular web texture common in Peter Parker’s costumes, Cassandra’s suit has two layers of spider web designs – a black base layer and a white overlay.

Detail-wise, the costume includes a full spider web in the center with the character’s logo. But one comic-accurate feature – covering Madame Web’s eyes to represent her blindness – is not present in this version.

Reactions To The Costume And Dakota Johnson As Marvel’s New Heroine

Fan reactions to the new costume have been generally positive, though Johnson’s initial casting as Madame Web met with criticism. Some fans expressed concern over her portrayal of the character after the first trailer.

Meanwhile, the actress has shown excitement about playing the role she got in 2022 during her interviews. In a featurette, she talked about taking part in the new Marvel film by saying:

“I have always really loved Marvel movies. Madame Web was very enticing to me. This movie is before she ends up in a wheelchair. She’s hyper-intelligent, and her greatest superpower is her mind. When Cassie begins to experience her clairvoyance, she thinks she is losing her mind. Madame Web is unlike any other superhero. When you think about how Spider-Man flies through the air, or Venom when he changes, it’s so mythical to us.”

The film also features Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Celeste O’Connor as Spider-Women alongside Johnson. ‘Madame Web’ will bring these characters together in a storyline where they face off against Ezekiel Sims, who’s trying to kill them.



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