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Debra Messing Calls Out Facebook Not To Ignore Hate Speech Any More

Actress Debra Messing, who is highly sensitive to social issues, took to Instagram in order to say stop to Facebook’s ad system that allows hate, racism, and violence. The six-time Golden Globe nominee posted an image that read “Stop Hate” and added a lengthy caption to urge her fans and followers to join ‘Stop The Hate For Profit’ movement. She wrote:

Facebook ignores hate, racism, violence & disinformation on their site. This is not an operational mistake. It is a deliberate decision to put profits over people and democracy.”

The actress, portraying ‘Grace Adler’ on the NBC sitcom ‘Will & Grace’ introduced the non-profit organization ‘Stop The Hate For Profit’ that has been established after Facebook had refused to censor hateful contents:

“The July 2020 Stop The Hate For-Profit resulted in 1100 companies, including major corporations, freezing their ad buys on Facebook to send a strong message that Facebook must take responsibility and take action.”

Then Messing stated that she would freeze her Instagram and Facebook accounts for 24 hours as a part of the said movement:

“I am standing with the leading civil rights organizations, including the Anti Defamation League, Color of Change, NAACP, And “freezing” my Instagram & Facebook accounts for 24 hours. Join me.”

See below to view the mentioned Instagram post.

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