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Dian Parkinson: A Lowdown On The Price Is Right Model’s Remarkable Transformation

Throughout her journey in the entertainment industry, Dian Parkinson went from beauty pageants to notable TV appearances, including her role in ‘The Price Is Right.’ Her long career, marked by both triumphs and challenges, had an effect on her life today as a 74-year-old former model.

Dian Parkinson made herself a net worth of $1 million with a modeling career that lasted from 1965 to 1998. At 74, the former model has chosen a life away from the spotlight and remained private about it, especially after her departure from ‘The Price Is Right.’ Still, the latest news about her reported that she listed her $3 million house in California for sale in 2019. What brought the ex-model’s career to what it is today?

Parkinson’s Early Career

Dian Parkinson started her career as a model by taking part in beauty pageants to escape her family’s strict and religious values. Living in Falls Church, Virginia, she won the Miss District of Columbia pageant and finished as the fourth runner-up in Miss USA 1965. The former model also won the Miss World USA title that year, leading her to compete in the Miss World contest, where she placed first runner-up.

The Body That Brought Her Fame


Parkinson also joined Bob Hope on his USO Show in Vietnam and became Queen of the Bob Hope Desert Classic golf tournament. Soon after, her shapely body brought her the nickname ‘the Bikini-Clad Vixen’ with her appearance in a bathing suit during an episode of ‘The Price Is Right.’ This led her to be featured on the cover of Playboy magazine twice, in 1991 and 1993.

Her Rise To Fame With ‘The Price Is Right’

While Parkinson made TV appearances with roles in projects like ‘Jerry’ and ‘Vega$,’ her time in Bob Barker’s ‘The Price Is Right’ was the main source of her fame. In 1975, she joined the show on CBS, initially as a substitute model and later as a permanent member. The model became one of the show’s well-known models, staying for 18 years. But a controversy followed her departure from the show in 1993.

The Model’s Relationship With Bob Barker

Parkinson’s departure from ‘The Price Is Right’ sparked speculation and rumors. Initially, people talked about conflicts with co-presenter Janice Pennington, but a lawsuit against Bob Barker pointed to another reason a year later.

While Barker and Parkinson denied having a romantic relationship during her time in the show, the model started a legal battle against the host, alleging years of sexual harassment and coercion into a sexual relationship under threat of termination.

Despite claiming to have a consensual relationship with Parkinson, Barker denied the allegations, and the model dropped the charges in 1995, citing stress and financial burden.



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