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Photo Credit: Evanna Lynch


Evanna Lynch Goes To A Chicken Farm And Displays With A Series Of Heart-Rending Shots That Animals Are Really Suffering At Farms

‘Harry Potter’ star Evanna Lynch, who is an ambitious animal rights advocator, showed off that how the animal husbandry sector is cruel.

On April 30, the young actor, best known for portraying ‘Luna Lovegood‘ in the fantasy film series, released a series of “distressing images of animals suffering” that she captured when she visited a chicken factory farm. The host of the vegan-themed podcast ‘The ChickPeeps’ clarified why she shared these graphic images that are hard to look at:

“I know these images and places are awful to look at, it is much easier to stay happy when you look the other way, but it is vastly more horrible to have to endure them as the animals do for every ugly day of their short brutal lives. And we humans have created this so it is our responsibility to look at what we’ve done and work to dismantle these horrifically cruel systems.”

Stating that there is nothing acceptable about the things that happen in the chicken farms, Lynch added that the entire system is broken and cruel. The star, who also added a photo of herself crying while feeding the chickens injured quite hard because of the conditions of the farms, called out authorities to put an end to it. She concluded her words by encouraging her fans and followers to take an action regarding the issue:

“I encourage you to follow who are working to eradicate factory farming and creating vegan fried chick*n products as an alternative to the chicken produced in these places. This video is also part of a series they are creating where they take a variety of people in to witness factory farm conditions. You will find that the places they visit are all virtually the same.”

Following the post, the star received numerous supportive messages from a lot of users of the platform. As one of them, the ‘iCarly’ star Daniella Monet left the following message as a comment:

So brave. You’re amazing Evy. Sending so much love for all that you do for animals – thank you.”

In her post, Evanna Lynch also stated that she will share this devastating experience through a film.

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