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‘Fast & Furious’ Star Tyrese Gibson Marks 10th Anniversary Of His Comic Book ‘MAYHEM!’ As He Says His Comic Character Made History

Tyrese Gibson, the well-known Hollywood star, marked a milestone through his verified Instagram account on January 30. The actor, best remembered for his portrayal of ‘Roman Pearce‘ in ‘Fast & Furious‘ film series, celebrated the 10th anniversary of his three-issue comic book named ‘MAYHEM!.’

By releasing a series of photos from Comic-Con days, in one of which he is seen alongside comic book legend Stand Lee, Gibson marked the special day. Alongside the said photos, the actor, who had announced his split from her wife a few weeks ago, wrote that the comic book made history.

In the caption section, Gibson first referred to the actors representing superheroes by saying “y’all in comic book movies,” and highlighted that he made more than portraying a character; he created one. 

“Y’’all in comic book movies……. I make comics….. Happy 10 year anniversary to MAYHEM!”

Then the actor stated that he “pissed a lot of people off” by creating his own comic character because they thought black people are not leading men in comics.

“Then when they embraced MAYHEM he was embraced by the GREATS!

Gibson then thanked Stan Lee, who co-created superheroes including the Hulk, Ant-Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Thor, the Wasp, Black Panther and Captain Marvel; co-founder of Image Comics, Todd McFarlane, and cook-book artist Jim Lee.

At the end of his caption, he repeated that the comic book made a huge success and said that just via Twitter it was sold  400,000+ when its first release.

Following his post, through the comments section, his fans and followers expressed that they are waiting for a ‘MAYHEM!’ movie.

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