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Finn Jones Reportedly Lost ‘Iron Fist’ Lead Role As Marvel Plans A Female-Led New Series

Marvel is rumored to be working on a female-led ‘Iron Fist’ project. If Finn Jones is to reprise his role as Danny Rand in the show, he won’t be the focus.

Marvel Studios recently confirmed that ‘Daredevil’ and its connected shows are now officially part of the cinematic canon. This news opened the door for characters from series like ‘Iron Fist’ to reoccur in the MCU.

A few days ago, insider Daniel Richtman reported that a new ‘Iron Fist’ series, with an unexpected twist, is in the works. The project, possibly animated, is set to feature a female protagonist, shifting from its previous male-led format.

Although Marvel’s plans include bringing Finn Jones, aka Danny Rand, back for the new show, the actor is set to appear in a cameo role rather than as the lead.

Who Is The New Iron Fist?

Speculation is rife about who will take the lead in the new series. But Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing seems a likely choice with her new-found powers and unresolved story.

‘Iron Fist’ concluded its second season in 2017, leaving Colleen with the power from the Heart of the Dragon and sending Danny Rand on a quest in Asia. Henwick has later expressed interest in reprising her role, keen to explore Colleen’s journey further in the MCU.

In 2021, the actress told

“Look, the way we left ‘Iron Fist,’ spoiler alert, Colleen has the power, and she’s in a really good place. I would love to revisit her. That character meant a lot to me and really changed my life. And I would love to revisit her one day, but it would really have to be the right place, and the right time, and the right script, but never say never.”

Jones Is Ready For His Co-Star’s Possible Comeback

Finn Jones also shared his support for Henwick’s return, saying:

“It would be nice to see Colleen come back and still have that Iron Fist as well… I think it would be cool if she showed up in ‘Shang-Chi’ and still had the Iron Fist. There’s so much possibility that you can do with this from where we left off for Season 2.”

‘Iron Fist’ made its debut in 2017 with the cast including Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Stroup, Ramon Rodriguez, Sacha Dhawan, Alice Eve, David Wenham, and Rosario Dawson. Despite Marvel’s wishes, Netflix canceled the series in 2018 after its second season.



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