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‘Furiosa’ Actor Defends Himself Against Fan Backlash After Controversial Scene

He reminded fans that his character and the events in the film are purely fictional.

Nathan Jones spoke out on social media after receiving angry messages from fans about a scene in ‘Furiosa.’

Jones plays Rictus Erectus in ‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.’ In one scene, his character strokes young Furiosa’s (Alyla Browne) hair suggestively. This scene upset fans, and they sent Jones numerous angry messages. Jones took to Facebook to remind fans that his character and the events in the movie are fictional:

“I’ve noticed a few queries and private messages about my role in ‘Mad Max: Furiosa,’ particularly regarding a scene with young Furiosa. This is a very sensitive subject, and I want to emphasize that it involves a fictional character. The details can be uncomfortable, and as an actor, my job is to portray a character based on the direction and script provided to me. I appreciate your understanding and support in recognizing the distinction between fiction and reality. Thank you.”

‘Furiosa’ Failed At The Box Office

‘Furiosa’ received positive reviews from critics and fans. However, its release on Memorial Day weekend was part of a historically poor box office performance. ‘The Garfield Movie’ was released the same weekend, and both films struggled to bring in large audiences.

Jones wasn’t the only actor from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ to return for the prequel. John Howard came back as The People Eater, and Angus Sampson returned as the Organic Mechanic. Immortan Joe also appears in the film, but the character is played by Lachhy Hulme because Hugh Keays-Byrne passed away in 2020.

‘Furiosa’ continues to play in theaters.



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