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Glen Powell Is Sure He Won’t Star In Any Marvel Project, Reports Say

Fans were fan-casting Glen Powell as Cyclops in Marvel Studios’ upcoming X-Men reboot. However, recent reports suggest that Powell has no interest in joining any Marvel projects.

There were rumors Powell met Kevin Feige about playing Scott Summers (Cyclops). The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor hasn’t met with Feige yet, but even if the chance came up, it seems unlikely he would be interested. According to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor is not interested in ‘Oscar bait’ or ‘Marvel fare.’ Here is what the article says:

“Looking ahead, Powell is as definitive about what he won’t do — pandering Oscar bait, for one, but also Marvel fare — as he is about what he will. In fact, in a relatively short time, he has garnered a reputation for being picky, primarily because he’s passed on a handful of recent tentpoles.”

He Turned Down Major Roles

Powell was offered a role in the upcoming ‘Bourne Identity’ reboot and a new ‘Jurassic World’ movie. He told THR why he turned down the chance to be in the latter:

“‘Jurassic’ is one of my favorite movies. It’s one of the things I’ve wanted to do my whole life. I’m not doing that movie because I read the script and I immediately was like, my presence in this movie doesn’t help it And the script’s great. The movie’s going to f*cking kill. It’s not about that. It’s about choosing where you’re going to make an audience happy and where you’re going to make yourself happy.”

Powell has several movies lined up and is excited about his future roles. His next film, ‘Hitman,’ will be released in theaters on June 7. You can watch its trailer below.



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