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Green Room Review: Why Patrick Stewart’s Horror Masterpiece Remained Underrated

‘Green Room’ is a film that deserves more attention for its blend of horror, suspense, and character-driven storytelling. It is a movie that not only entertains but also challenges the viewer, making it an essential, yet underappreciated, film in the horror-thriller genre.

‘Green Room’ is a 2015 film directed by Jeremy Saulnier, presenting a blend of thriller and horror elements that distinguish it from conventional genre films. But what really makes it different from others?

The Movie’s Premise

Following Saulnier’s acclaimed ‘Blue Ruin,’ ‘Green Room‘ stands out for its intense, suspenseful narrative and its unusual antagonist — a group of white supremacists led by the bar owner Darcy Banker, portrayed by Patrick Stewart.

Set in a remote skinhead bar outside Portland, Oregon, ‘Green Room’ chronicles the ordeal of The Ain’t Rights, a punk rock band in a life-threatening situation. The band members – Tiger, Pat, Sam, and Reece – find themselves in a fight for survival after accidentally witnessing a murder in the green room of the bar.

This moment sets off a story of survival and moral ambiguity.

Why ‘Green Room’ is Worth More Attention?

The film’s approach to violence is notable for its logical progression and restraint. While ‘Green Room’ is undeniably violent, the depiction avoids gratuitousness, instead using it to amplify the suspense. The movie’s technical execution is praiseworthy, particularly in its sound design and use of close-up shots, which add intensity to the viewing experience.

Stewart’s portrayal of Darcy Banker is a highlight. Departing from his well-known roles in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘X-Men,’ Stewart delivers a performance that is both chilling and understated.

His character, Darcy, orchestrates the cover-up of the murder with a cold, pragmatic approach, commanding fear and respect from his followers. This role presents Stewart in a light far removed from his more heroic characters and shows his talent to portray more sinister roles effectively.

The film’s ensemble cast, including a remarkable performance by the late Anton Yelchin as Pat, contributes to the film’s thrilling nature. Imogen Poots and Macon Blair also deliver noteworthy performances and add depth to the story.

What sets ‘Green Room’ apart is its ability to maintain suspense and horror without relying on conventional tropes like ghosts or zombies. The film’s horror stems from its portrayal of real-life atrocities and human depravity. This aspect, coupled with the movie’s dark humor, creates an unsettling experience.

Despite its strengths, ‘Green Room’ remains underrated, especially among mainstream audiences. While it has received acclaim in horror film circles and is regarded as one of the top horror films of the 2010s, it hasn’t garnered the widespread recognition it deserves.



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