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Halloween Special: 6 Horror Movies Picked By Celebrities Like Rob Lowe And Seth Rogen

In 2016, Yahoo Celebrity reached out to some names in the entertainment industry to ask them about their favorite scary movies. More than twenty artists, including Rob Lowe and Seth Rogen, joined the interview with the magazine, creating a Halloween watchlist for the audience. So, we gathered six of the films picked by them in the list below.

6. Carrie Underwood – The Halloween Series

Mentioning her general love for horror films, Carrie Underwood chose the ‘Halloween’ series as her favorite. Directed by John Carpenter, the series begins with murders by Michael Myers, a character who becomes central to the story across several sequels and reboots. His actions, starting one Halloween night, have since been cult in the horror genre.

5. Tony Hawk – Prince Of Darkness

With a short answer to Yahoo Celebrity’s question, Hawk went up with ‘Prince Of Darkness.’ This 1987 film, directed by John Carpenter, centers around a possibly malevolent ancient entity discovered in a church basement. A group of scientists, upon investigation, reveal its potential threat.

4. Charlie Day – The Shining

Directed by Stanley Kubrick, this film is a screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. It portrays the Overlook Hotel as a location of psychological unrest for its main character, Jack Torrance, and offers an experience that pushed Charlie Day to describe ‘The Shining’ as ‘both creepy and superior filmmaking.’

3. Seth Rogen – The Thing

The 1982 film, occurring in an isolated Antarctic research station, introduces viewers to an alien entity with shape-shifting abilities. The story creates suspense as the characters confront a growing threat. So, Rogen put ‘The Thing’ at the top of his list of favorites, although he also mentioned other films like ‘Army Of Darkness,’ ‘Evil Dead,’ and ‘Dead Alive.’

2. Kristen Bell – The Purge

At the time of the interview, Bell revealed that she had recently watched ‘The Purge’ built around a plot where all crimes, including murder, in the US annually become legal for 12 hours. She also expressed her wish to see the sequel to the film directed by James DeMonaco on Halloween.

1. Rob Lowe – The Exorcist

Saying he wasn’t a fan of ‘cheap’ scares, Lowe told Yahoo Celebrity that he liked ‘mood-scary’ movies like ‘The Exorcist.’ Directed by William Friedkin in 1973, this film portrays the events surrounding a young girl believed to be demonically possessed. The film touches upon religious themes and presents sequences that contribute to its place in the genre.



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