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Henry Cavill On Whether He Lost The ‘James Bond’ Role

He feels that playing a spy before doesn’t rule him out for the role of Bond.

Henry Cavill has recently opened up to Total Film about his connection to the James Bond role and how his latest spy role fits into this narrative.

In 2005, Cavill was almost cast as James Bond in ‘Casino Royale,’ a role that ultimately went to Daniel Craig. This near-miss has kept Cavill’s name in the conversation for the role of 007 over the years. Recently, Cavill addressed the speculation regarding his chances to play Bond, especially after his role in the upcoming action-comedy ‘Argylle.’

Despite his commitment to ‘Argylle,’ it seems Cavill doesn’t believe this role diminishes his potential to play Bond. Referring to the producers responsible for the Bond franchise, he said:

“It’s a fun character. Whether I’m ruled out of Bond because of this or not is up to Barbara Broccoli and Mr. Wilson.”

Latest Updates About ‘Argylle’

Set to release in cinemas on February 2, 2024, ‘Argylle‘ is directed and produced by Matthew Vaughn with a script by Jason Fuchs. The film has an impressive ensemble cast, including Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, and others. It revolves around Elly Conway, an introverted spy novelist who is thrust into the real world of espionage.

Cavill’s character in ‘Argylle’ has a unique square-shaped haircut. This was actually a creative decision by director Vaughn.

Vaughn has plans for a spy universe, incorporating the ‘Kingsman’ and ‘Argylle’ franchises into a larger narrative, potentially resulting in a crossover. Cavill’s casting in ‘Argylle’ was strategic, with Vaughn seeing Cavill’s fit for a Bond-like character:

“I needed someone who was born to play Bond — which Henry is — and then nick him before ‘Bond’ did. He plays a larger-than-life action hero with a wink. It’s very different from ‘Kingsman.'”

‘Argylle’ is also intended to kickstart a trilogy that will explore the protagonist’s backstory in the sequels.



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