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Henry Cavill Reacts To Daniel Craig Beating Him For The James Bond Role

Cavill lost the 007 role to Daniel Craig in Martin Campbell’s 2006 reboot.

While talking about their upcoming spy comedy ‘Argylle’ in a recent SiriusXM interview, Henry Cavill and Matthew Vaughn also discussed the ‘James Bond’ franchise and its Craig era. Vaughn mentioned a supposed ‘Bond curse’ affecting actors who played the part, but Cavill disagreed and praised Daniel Craig’s run as the character:

“First of all, I don’t think there’s a curse for those kinds of things, but I do think Daniel [Craig] did an absolutely amazing job. And he and everyone else involved breathed new life into the franchise, which did it wonders.”

The Superman actor was once very close to being cast as James Bond for ‘Casino Royale,’ but the role ultimately went to Craig. The ‘Knives Out’ star’s tenure as Bond, ending with ‘No Time To Die’ in 2021, has been well-received, marking a successful era for the franchise.

Henry Was Too Young To Be James Bond

‘Casino Royale’ director Martin Campbell mentioned in an interview that Cavill was a strong candidate for Bond before Craig was chosen. Following Pierce Brosnan’s last Bond movie, ‘Die Another Day,’ the film brought a fresh start to the Bond series. Campbell spoke highly of Henry Cavill’s audition for the role:

“He looked great in the audition. His acting was tremendous. And look, if Daniel didn’t exist, Henry would have made an excellent Bond. He looked terrific, he was in great physical shape…very handsome, very chiseled. He just looked a little young at that time back then.”

His Age Is Still Not Suitable For The Role

The actor’s role as Aubrey Argylle in the new film ‘Argylle’ has led to speculation about his potential as the next James Bond. In an interview with Total Film, he did not dismiss the possibility of taking on the 007 role in the future. Describing his character in the upcoming spy comedy movie as ‘fun,’ he said:

“Whether I’m ruled out of Bond because of this or not is up to Barbara Broccoli and Mr. [Michael G.] Wilson.”

Meanwhile, Barbara Broccoli, the co-owner of the Bond franchise, has implied a preference for a younger actor to play Bond, ideally someone in their late 20s or early 30s. Cavill, now 40, may not fit this profile.

The actor’s current focus is on ‘Argylle,’ releasing on February 2. Following the film, he will lead the upcoming ‘Highlander’ reboot.



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