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Holly Burrell: What We Know About Ty Burrell’s Wife And Her Sacrifice For Her Family

Holly Burrell was once an actress, but she chose the culinary world over the spotlight, becoming a pastry chef while supporting her husband, Ty Burrell’s acting career. Together, they’ve blended their success with philanthropy, supporting various causes from fostering art in children to aiding restaurant workers.

Holly Burrell is the wife of Ty Burrell, the Emmy-winning actor famed for his role as Phil Dunphy in ABC’s ‘Modern Family.’ In this article, we’ll learn more about Holly and her personal life while revealing the sacrifices she made for her family.

Holly’s Early Life

Born as Holly Ann Brown on November 25, 1975, in Utah, Holly had her early years rooted in a close-knit Mormon family that celebrated art and music.

After completing her high school education, Holly pursued her love for theatre and obtained a degree from the University of Utah. However, it wasn’t just acting that caught Holly’s attention. With an interest in culinary arts, Holly enrolled in a nine-month pastry program at the French Culinary Institute. She then became a certified pastry chef.

Acting and Meeting Ty Burrell

Holly’s interest in the stage initially led Holly to Washington D.C.’s Shakespeare Theatre, where she had several roles and met Ty Burrell. Here is what Ty recalled about meeting Holly:

“I first came to Utah to perform at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. I did that for two summers and, in between, met Holly in Washington, D.C., where we were both performing at the Shakespeare Theater. I was already in love with Utah, and after she and I fell in love, it was always in the back of our minds to live here someday.”

Both Holly and Ty were understudies in the play ‘Twelfth Night.’ They dated, and by August 18, 2000, the pair tied the knot in a ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Reflecting on their relationship in humble conditions, Ty once confessed:

“I always knew she loved me for who I was because it clearly wasn’t for anything else.”

Initially, the couple made New York City their home, keeping a two-bedroom apartment in the Astoria neighborhood. However, by 2008, the couple moved to Salt Lake City, only to relocate temporarily to Southern California during Ty’s tenure with ‘Modern Family.’ Their family grew with the adoption of two girls, Greta and Frances Burrell.

Holly Sacrificed Her Career For Her Family

As Ty’s acting career began to gain traction while they were dating, Holly made a decision to focus on her passion for food and cooking. Her mother had a passion for gardening, which influenced Holly’s love for food. This decision saw her working in a bakery.

While she hasn’t released a cookbook as of now, her recipes, such as the ‘Baked Vegetable Risotto,’ have been featured on platforms like Pinterest and discussed on the podcast ‘Mouth Feelings‘ via Radio Republic.

Even with her husband’s success, Holly focused on food and family. Ty Burrell, on multiple occasions, has expressed his admiration for her culinary talents. In 2014, he told US Magazine the following:

“My wife, Holly, is an amazing cook, so everything around what I make tastes great.”

While Holly handles most of the cooking and baking in the Burrell household, Ty manages the grilling. She also said she enjoys reading about food when she isn’t cooking.

Their Philanthropy and Community Service

Apart from being an actor, Ty has also ventured into the restaurant business, owning The Eating Establishment in Park City, Utah. Besides, he owns two bars in Salt Lake City: Bar X and Beer Bar. In March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the restaurant industry, the couple donated $100,000 to initiate ‘Tip Your Server,’ an online fund designed to support out-of-work wait staff in Utah.

Moreover, the couple is actively involved with ‘Kids in the Spotlight‘ to support foster children. This charity offers foster children a platform to express themselves through short films, allowing them to narrate their experiences and shed light on the foster care system. The Burrells also set up a scholarship at the University of Oregon’s Department of Theatre Arts. This scholarship aims to assist juniors and seniors majoring in Theatre Arts.



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