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Hugh Jackman Shows His Support For Medical Professionals Working During Pandemic By Visiting A Nurse And Sharing Her Story

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, holding the Guinness World Record for longest career as a Marvel superhero, shared a highly heartfelt post the other day through his verified Instagram account. Not being familiar with posting via social media, Jackman took to his Instagram to show that he is always ready to give a leg up to medical professionals working hard to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

With that aim, Jackman posted a video that sees he is thanking and giving a present to an emergency room nurse named Alina; alongside the video recorded at the Wyckoff Hospital in Brooklyn, Jackman added the following message as a caption:

“While there are many examples of her dedication throughout this pandemic, I’ll just name a few. When the pandemic began, she was in her final semester,  she was working overtime, studying for finals, and being an amazing wife and mother to our 2-year-old, Gemma.”

Stating that Alina is 6 months pregnant, Jackman added that she is going on working with the aim of saving one more life. The actor continued praising the self-sacrificing nurse who worked 24 hours while being 6 months pregnant:

“The most amazing thing, and why I think she is so deserving, is she never complains… she’s the hardest working nurse in NY. She’s also eating for 2 and would absolutely love your 🍞 … I’m sure of it. Alina’s husband – Aaron. #hughsstarter.”

As soon as ‘The Greatest Showman’ actor had released the post, a great number of Instagram users went to the comments section to thank him in the name of frontline workers.

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