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Iconic Horror Franchise ‘Hostel’ Is Turning Into A TV Show

Eli Roth, who directed the original films, will also direct and write the new series.

‘Hostel’ is being turned into a TV series.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Giamatti will star in the show. It will be a modern version of the original horror story. Eli Roth and Chris Briggs, who worked on the original movies, will write the script. Roth will also direct the series. Both Roth and Briggs, along with Mike Fleiss, will serve as executive producers.

Giamatti’s role in the show is still a secret, but it’s known that he will play an important character. Giamatti is not new to TV. He has been in ‘Billions’ and ‘John Adams.’ He recently received praise for his role in ‘The Holdovers.’

The new ‘Hostel’ series is being developed by Fifth Season, the same studio behind ‘Severance’ on Apple TV+.  The series doesn’t have a network or streaming platform yet.

Giamatti Was To Appear In The First Movie

‘Hostel’ is about three backpackers who go to a city in Slovakia expecting to have fun but end up facing terrible horrors. Eli Roth created the original ‘Hostel’ movies. He directed the first two, which came out in 2005 and 2007. The third film was released in 2011, and it was directed by Scott Spiegel.

Roth is excited about the project. He and Giamatti first met while Roth was filming the original ‘Hostel’ in Prague. They talked about Giamatti being in the first ‘Hostel’ movie, but it didn’t happen then:

“Eli was shooting ‘Hostel’ in Prague and I was shooting ‘The Illusionist’ and I met him. We talked about me actually killing somebody in that movie but it never panned out.”

Roth is also known for other horror films like ‘Cabin Fever’ and “Knock Knock.’ He is also working on a sequel to his recent movie ‘Thanksgiving.’



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