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Is Carla Gugino Headed To ‘The Dark Tower’? Speculations Arise After Her Latest Comment

During a new episode of Bingeworthy Podcast, Carla Gugino made some comments that sparked speculation about her involvement in the television adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower.’

Gugino is known for her roles in Netflix’s ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘Gerald’s Game,’ both collaborations with Mike Flanagan. During the interview, she discussed her career and upcoming projects. The conversation then turned to Flanagan’s long-awaited project, ‘The Dark Tower.’ Gugino hinted at discussions regarding the adaptation, saying:

“There has been a conversation about ‘The Dark Tower,’ but I don’t have any intel I could share other than that. I do hope that it all comes together. And I know that’s something he’s incredibly passionate about. I mean, I do think he is great, just as a Stephen King interpreter.”

She then continued praising Flanagan’s talents as a director, expressing her hopes for the project’s fruition:

“He also has such a strong voice of his own that somehow is beautiful, you know? ‘Gerald’s Game’ is so true to the book, even to the point where the end, which I think is actually imperative, was a part of it that people really responded to or didn’t. And Mike was so clear about, ‘Well, that’s what it is, though.’ And yet, I thought he did it so seamlessly.”

You can listen to the full interview below.

What is the Release Date of ‘ The Dark Tower’?

Flanagan’s adaptation of ‘The Dark Tower’ is envisioned as a five-season series to be followed by two feature films. This project is part of Flanagan’s new deal with Amazon, although the series itself is not guaranteed to air on Prime Video. Flanagan, who has acquired the rights to the series, described it as a lifelong passion project.

As of now, there aren’t any predictions about the release date, but it’s known that Flanagan acquired the rights to develop the series in December 2022.

In related news, another of Flanagan’s regular collaborators, Henry Thomas, also expressed interest in the project. Recognized for his roles in Flanagan’s adaptations and Spielberg’s classic ‘E.T.,’ Thomas shared his enthusiasm for potentially joining ‘The Dark Tower’ cast in a December 2023 interview.

Gugino’s next appearance will be in the horror-teen comedy ‘Lisa Frankenstein,‘ a collaboration between director Zelda Williams and writer Diablo Cody. In the interview, she also talked about her latest project, ‘The Fall of the House of Usher,’ another Netflix series directed by Flanagan.



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