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The Possibility Of Scott Ryan’s Lovable Hitman In Mr. Inbetween Return To TV

‘Mr. Inbetween,’ the critically acclaimed Australian TV series created by and starring Scott Ryan as the morally complex hitman Ray Shoesmith, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Despite its popularity, the show wrapped up after its third season in 2021. But with a character as compelling as Ray, we can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance we’ll see him again on our screens.

The End Of Mr. Inbetween

Scott Ryan’s decision to end the series after three seasons was due in part to his exhaustion from playing Ray Shoesmith for over two decades. From the character’s inception in the late 1990s to the series’ debut in 2018, Ray has been a part of Ryan’s life for a long time. However, the show’s successful run and the emotional journey it took audiences on make it difficult for fans to say goodbye for good.

Hints Of A Possible Return

Despite the conclusion of the series, Scott Ryan has left the door open for Ray Shoesmith to make a comeback. Speaking to Australia’s MediaWeek, he even mentioned that Ray could ‘pop up anywhere’ in the future, keeping fans on their toes. Additionally, the final two episodes of the series, titled ‘I’ll See You Soon’ and ‘I’m Not Leaving,’ hint at the possibility that Ray’s story may not be entirely over.

Factors That Could Influence A Return

The current state of the Australian television industry shows a growing appetite for unique and innovative shows like ‘Mr. Inbetween.’ With its dark humor, gritty realism, and character-driven storytelling, Ray Shoesmith’s story resonates with a wide audience. Furthermore, Scott Ryan’s IMDb profile lists no other projects in development, leaving the possibility of revisiting Ray wide open. Fans of the show are also likely to welcome the return of their favorite hitman with open arms.

Potential Forms Of A Comeback

If Ray were to return, there are several ways his story could continue. He could appear in a spin-off, a limited series, or even a feature film. Potential storylines could explore his life after the events of season three, delve deeper into his past, or follow the impact of his actions on the lives of those around him, like his daughter Brittany or his close friend Gary.

Though there are no concrete plans for Ray Shoesmith’s return to TV, the hints dropped by Scott Ryan, and the final episodes’ titles suggest that it’s not entirely off the table. Fans of ‘Mr. Inbetween’ should keep their fingers crossed and stay hopeful for a possible return of their favorite lovable hitman. In the meantime, rewatching the existing seasons and supporting innovative Australian TV content is a great way to keep Ray’s spirit alive.



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