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Is Jonathan Bailey The Current Most Attractive Actor In Hollywood? Here’re 6 Facts To Prove

Jonathan Bailey’s role in ‘Bridgerton’ as a gay actor playing a straight character shows a progressive shift in Hollywood casting. Besides, his compelling portrayal of Anthony Bridgerton, coupled with a commanding voice and theatrical expertise, has been solely enough to steal the heart of some fans.

Especially after his role in ‘Fellow Travelers’ and the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton,’ Jonathan Bailey has been catching the eyes of fans. According to Reddit discussions, here are six facts that show why he is considered one of the most charismatic actors in Hollywood today.

6. Bailey Broke the Barriers By Playing a Straight Role

Bailey is openly gay, and he has challenged traditional casting norms by playing Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, a straight character in ‘Bridgerton.’

Speaking to US Magazine, he argued gay actors should be able to play straight roles and vice versa without controversy. He also noted the historical need for actors to hide their sexuality but saw a shift towards openness and inclusivity in casting.

Besides, his performance didn’t receive negative feedback for portraying a character with a different sexual orientation and was described by Time magazine as a ‘quietly radical thing.’

5. His Acting Prowess Made Some Fans Watch The Series More Than One Time

Bailey’s performance in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 has led some fans to watch the series repeatedly. His portrayal has not only drawn viewers in but also encouraged them to revisit the series to see his performance once more. Fans expressed awe at Bailey’s acting skills, emotional range, and body language, especially while interacting with Kate.

4. Jonathan Made Anthony A Compelling Character

Fans who were initially skeptical about Anthony Bridgerton’s evolution into a hero were impressed by Bailey’s portrayal. Viewers praised his acting ability, effective portrayal, and chemistry with co-star Simone. So, it appears Bailey transformed Bridgerton into a character that fans liked.

3. Fans Are Obsessed With His Voice

Apart from his good looks, Bailey also captured the hearts of the fans with his voice. They expressed admiration for his voice quality, modulation, and its impact on his acting. According to many, his control over volume and pitch effectively communicates the emotional states of his characters. Some even desire to hear him narrate audiobooks.

2. His Theatre Background Adds To His Charisma

Bailey’s experience in theatre has influenced his screen presence. Viewers have noted how even in scenes with minimal movement, such as the moment he was telling Kate to go inside, Bailey commands attention. According to fans, his theatre background is indeed an advantage for Bailey’s screen presence and charisma.

1. Jonathan Knows How To Seduce

Fans also agree that Bailey’s portrayal of seductive scenes in ‘Bridgerton’ is highly effective. His performances in romantic and intimate scenes had strong emotional responses from viewers, especially the ones where he displays dominance, smirks, and half smiles.



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