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Isabel May Career Proves She’s More Than ‘Alexa and Katie’

Isabel May’s acting career has flourished beyond her initial success in ‘Alexa and Katie,’ showcasing her remarkable talent and versatility in various roles. From her early days on Netflix to her captivating performance in ‘1883,’ May continues to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Hey there, TV and movie lovers! Are you a fan of the talented actress Isabel May? You may know her from her breakout role in the Netflix series ‘Alexa and Katie,’ but there’s so much more to her career than that. Let’s dive into some of the other projects she has been involved in that showcase her acting chops.

Young Sheldon

Remember Georgie’s rebellious girlfriend Veronica from ‘Young Sheldon?’ Yep, that’s Isabel May! She made quite the impression on the show, and her character went through a fascinating transformation from a wild child to a devoted churchgoer. The role allowed her to flex her comedic muscles, proving that she could easily step into different genres.


If you haven’t seen ‘1883’ yet, you’re missing out! This gripping Western drama mini-series is a prequel to the popular show ‘Yellowstone.’ Isabel May takes on the role of Elsa Dutton, a resourceful and spirited young woman. Not only does she play a central character, but she also serves as the show’s narrator. Working alongside seasoned actors like Sam Elliott and Tim McGraw, May’s performance in ‘1883’ has undoubtedly opened up new doors for her.


The Yellowstone saga continues with ‘1923,’ another prequel series that follows the Dutton family during the early stages of the Great Depression. Isabel May lends her voice once again as the narrator, Elsa Dutton, weaving the story together for the audience. It’s exciting to see her continue to be an integral part of this successful franchise.

From ‘Alexa and Katie’ To The Big Screen

Now, let’s talk movies! Isabel May starred in the action thriller ‘Run Hide Fight’ as Zoe Hull, a high school student who uses her wits and survival skills to fight back against a group of armed attackers. Although the film received mixed reviews, May’s performance showcased her ability to take on intense, dramatic roles. She also appeared in the horror flick ‘Let’s Scare Julie,’ further diversifying her filmography.

Isabel May: A Star on the Horizon

So, as you can see, Isabel May is more than just ‘Alexa and Katie.’ From sitcoms like ‘Young Sheldon’ to gritty dramas like ‘1883’ and intense movies like ‘Run Hide Fight,’ she has proven herself to be a versatile and talented actress. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her in the entertainment industry!



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