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Jameela Jamil Insists That Appearance Is Not Saying Anything About Overall Health

One of the most ambitious activists in the celebrity world, Jameela Jamil fired up her social media accounts to say stop to things that go wrong.

Gained international recognition for starring in ‘The Good Place,’ the actor and radio host released a statement through her verified Instagram account and criticized the stereotypes targetting overweight people. Jamil, who expresses that being skinny is not healthy at all in every turn, stated:

“We should all strive to eat intuitively and to move enough for our bodies and brains to feel good. It is up to the individual as to how much food/exercise they need to feel truly well. What will not work for any of us is shaming anyone into changing their habits. That leads to less intuitive decisions.” 

Jamil also wrote that it is impossible to diagnose someone’s health based on their appearance and defended that overweight people do not get proper treatment because of the false assumptions of medical professionals. Then the actor mentioned her own story:

“I’ve had the same health my whole life and yet when I’ve been fat, I’ve been concern trolled by people who know nothing about my insides. And when I’ve been at my thinnest, starving myself till I pass out and taking diet supplements (which damaged my vital organs) people only ever congratulated me on my “discipline” and told me how “well” I looked.”

The artist, who recently said that she was on edge of a real breakdown due to Piers Morgan‘s mean comments regarding herself, concluded her words by saying:

“If you aren’t looking at someone’s medical test result, being asked by them to give your diagnosis on their health, just shut the fu*k up. Let a b*tch live. Allow people to make decisions based on how they feel. Not how you feel.”

As always, Jamil found hundreds of supporters as soon as releasing the Instagram post.

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