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Jameela Jamil: “My Whole Life Is One Big Trial/Experiment”

Jameela Jamil, ‘The Good Place‘ actor made a highly personal revelation through Instagram and said that her life turned into an experiment because of the countless bars set for women by society.

The actor, who voices and defends the rights of the women at every turn, while telling of her own experiences as a woman, also addressed the “glass ceiling” issue that a great number of women in the world have to face every day. She criticized the social-political dynamics and wrote in her message that women CEOs had to step down because of company issues, many women in the entertainment industry were disposed of because of the smallest controversies.

Jamil, stating that society always tends to cancel women because they are seen as disposable, declined to be seen as weaker, impractical, illogical, and less of a threat as a woman. The ambitious activist also pointed out the high rates of violence and abuse cases against her fellows.

The ‘I Weigh’ host then encouraged her fans and followers not to see themselves with the eyes of patriarchy and to “continue to stay, grow, and adapt” against the expectations of society that lead the woman to hide in the nearest dark corner. Then the actor added:

My whole life is one big (hit and miss) trial/experiment. But even when I miss, it’s never been boring and I’ve always learned something and grown. And I’ve had a funny story for my friends afterwards.”

Jamil concluded her message by saying that women must not cancel themselves first in that kind of world in which there are already millions of people trying to knock-down them.

See below to view Jamil’s post.

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