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Jameela Jamil Opens Up About Eating Disorder She Suffered From For Years

Jameela Jamil, actor and podcast host, went to Instagram one more time to warn people about the eating disorder and got candid about her own experience with it.

The Good Place‘ actor updated her Instagram feed with a photoshoot of herself, which was taken for a fashion magazine a few years ago, and revealed that she had not eaten anything for days and worked out compulsively before the shooting to look “fit.” She continued her lengthy caption as follows:

“I used to think I looked ‘too fat’ in this picture. Eating disorders are a terrible and upsetting thing. This is why I bang on and on about diet culture because it was my slippery slope to losing all sense of reality and all of my time, energy, sex drive, and joy.”

Expressing that eating disorder is highly challenging, the actor stated that there is no quick fix to change the body, and in case a person desired to improve her/his body, he/she must follow an expert. By referring to her own experience, Jamil added:

“Journal your feelings and look out for signs of Associating food with guilt, shame, anger or failure. Listen to the words you say to and about your body in the mirror. Ask yourself if you’re following people online who make you feel nourished and excited, or shamed and afraid… ask yourself why you’re making these changes? Who is it for? What do you think will change in how you feel?”

Jamil encouraged people, who are suffering from an eating disorder and trying to change the shape of their bodies, to know what they really want and focus on their main goal instead of what the other people are saying.

“Is it ok if your body doesn’t end up obeying your fantasy because maybe that’s just not how you’re supposed to be built? If it isn’t ok, then why? Why is what our clever body wants and needs not a priority?”

One of the most-known body-positivity activists, Jamil, also said that fast change with unproven diet products would just bring physical or mental problems; and she urged her fans and followers to be careful about “devil influencers” and their diet/detox products.

Here is the mentioned post, which received numerous supportive feedback.

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