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James Gunn Says David Corenswet Had A Hard Time Fitting ‘Superman’ Suit

According to Gunn, the making of ‘Superman: Legacy’ has an interesting behind-the-scenes story.

While answering fan questions on Threads, James Gunn shared that David Corenswet, the actor set to portray Superman in ‘Superman: Legacy,’ couldn’t easily fit into the superhero costume during his screen test.

When asked if Corenswet did a wardrobe test with a different costume like Henry Cavill did, Gunn revealed that the actor struggled to fit into an older version of the suit:

“Yes, everyone who screen-tested was screen-tested in the previous suit (although David had a hard time fitting because he’s so tall!).”

So, according to Gunn, all actors wore previous Superman costumes for their auditions.

‘Superman: Legacy’ Marks a New Chapter in the DCU

Superman: Legacy‘ is not just another origin story. Instead, it focuses on a young Clark Kent working as a reporter and interacting with key characters like Lois Lane, who will be portrayed by Rachel Brosnahan.

The animated series ‘Creature Commandos’ and the TV series ‘Waller’ are scheduled for release in 2024, acting as aperitifs for the DCU before the movie. Although details of the new Superman costume remain under wraps, it is a topic of speculation among fans. The final design is expected to be a blend of traditional elements and contemporary style.

‘Superman: Legacy’ is slated to begin production in March 2024 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. With Gunn at the helm as director and co-writer, the film is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025.

As anticipation builds for ‘Superman: Legacy,’ David Corenswet’s career continues with roles such as ‘Twisters,’ ‘Operation Othello,’ ‘Lady in the Lake,’ ‘The Greatest Hits,’ and ‘The Answers.’



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