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Jamie Foxx Demands Compassion For Taylor Bracey Who Was Body Slammed At School By A Deputy Officer

Eric Marlon Bishop, known professionally as Jamie Foxx, in his latest post stated that people need to raise voice for a young black girl named Taylor Bracey after she was body slammed unconscious at her school by an officer on his Instagram account.

Jamie Foxx is a successful actor and a singer who tries to make his voice heard in social issues and advocates for social equality. Finally, after the events that happened to 16-year-old Taylor, he urged everyone to support the young girl.

On Saturday, he posted a photo of a high school student bringing attention to the violence that black Americans were subjected to by the police. Foxx captioned the photo stating that he wanted to give courage to the young lady by posting her photo with the following words:

“Do you know who this beautiful young lady is? We need to stand up for 16 year #TaylorBracey she was body slammed unconscious at her school by an officer… I wanted to show this picture of her. Just to give her courage…”

In the continuation of his caption, the actor explained that as once they were little boys, they knew they were stronger than the girls, but in this circumstances, an adult using force on a little girl was an unacceptable act. In this own words:

“Every since we were little boys on the playground we know that we are stronger the little girls… Every man knows that… The excessiveness in which this young girl was thrown to the ground and knocked unconscious is shocking and disheartening…”

The actor also stated that he wanted to see more compassion in the world and for this girl as follows:

“Posting this hoping that there is compassion… Word is it that she was in an altercation at school… I think we have all been at school and gotten into a scruff… But I can’t recall in any of my years seeing something like this… just asking for compassion…”

Following the post, some followers of the actor jumped into the comments section stating that the young lady did not deserve to be slammed and knocked out. Click here to view the other comments and see the mentioned Instagram photo down below.

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