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Jared Padalecki Still Has A Chance To Join ‘The Boys’ Cast, The Showrunner Confirms

Padalecki might join the ‘The Boys’ cast now that The CW cancelled ‘Walker.’

Showrunner Eric Kripke recently told Entertainment Weekly that he hoped to bring the ‘Supernatural’ cast back together in ‘The Boys.’ Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan already joined the Prime Video show, and the door is open for Jared Padalecki now. Kripke said:

“I feel like it would be a bummer to not have Jared on the show one way or another at this point, even if it’s just the one-episode thing. He’s been shooting ‘Walker,’ but with that show wrapping up, maybe he’ll have some time to come in and play with us. I would love it. We have definitely talked about it.”

Padalecki Has A Condition To Reunite With The Writer

Padalecki himself talked about possibly appearing in ‘The Boys’ a month ago. The showrunner reached out to him but the actor had one condition to accept the offer. He told Collider:

“My response to him 90% of the time is, ‘Dude, I’m 41 now with three kids. I’m not 25 and working out three hours a day. I know you’re going to f*cking make me get naked, so give me a heads-up. I’m in, but let me get a nutritionist and a trainer and get in the hyperbaric chamber for eight months before you make me show up.’”

He added:

“But yeah, it would obviously be a lot of fun to see Kripke again and to work on that show, which is a great show, that I’m a fan of.”

Season 4 Is Ready For Release

‘The Boys’ wrapped up filming for Season 4 in April, but the new episodes will not air until June 13. Kripke explained why on X:

“For everyone asking why we can’t release it right away: now Amazon needs to dub the show in dozens of languages, different countries need different formats, on and on. It’s what happens when you drop the show globally at once. That’ll take ’em right up to June 13.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will make his debut in the new season along with Susan Heyward and Valorie Curry. The trio will join returning actors Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, and Erin Moriarty.



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