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Jason Momoa Hints At A Role ‘He Gotta Go Back To’

Momoa says he’s not done yet with some of his movie roles.

Jason Momoa recently opened up to Variety about his career and future aspirations, hinting at a return to some of his past movie roles.

In the interview, Momoa reflected on his journey, revealing that despite his successful stints in major franchises like ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Fast and Furious,’ and ‘Justice League,’ he feels there’s much more he wants to achieve:

“There’s some movies out there that I gotta go back to, and I’m sure if you did your homework, you’ll know what movies I gotta go back on. I’ve just never been a part of movies that — none of my movies are going to the awards. I’m not really that guy. So maybe one day it’d be nice to do one of those kinds of movies, where it’s a really, really good movie.”

Momoa Believes He Hasn’t Done Anything Yet

The actor also shared his perspective on his career achievements. Rating himself low in various skills, Momoa remarked with humility:

“I don’t really think I’ve done anything so far. I’m not going to be able to master all of these things. I’m a solid C+ to B- at everything. But I like doing a lot of different things, and I’m not an A at one thing.”

Momoa also expressed his interest in exploring comedy. According to the actor, his upcoming projects include a ‘comedy-esque action thing’ with Dave Bautista:

“I really went after comedy. ‘SNL’ let me on twice. I tried ‘Slumberland,’ and it did OK. I have ‘Minecraft.’ I’m going to do another comedy-esque action thing with Dave Bautista after that. If people love this, I’d love to do a Season 2.”

Momoa’s recent ventures include ‘On the Roam,‘ an eight-episode docuseries on Max, where he explores craftsmanship, art, and adventure. Debuted on January 18, the series reflects his personal interests and love for travel and adventure.

Looking ahead, he is set to appear in several upcoming movies, including ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Fast X: Part 2,’ ‘In the Hand of Dante,’ ‘Animal Friends,’ and ‘Chief of War.’ Momoa added that he awaits his role in ‘Fast X: Part 2,’ where he anticipates playing the villain, though he hasn’t yet seen the script.

You can watch the trailer for ‘On the Roam’ below.



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