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Jeff Garlin’s Net Worth In 2023 After The Goldbergs’ Exit

As Jeff Garlin moves on from ‘The Goldbergs,’ his financial standing remains strong. This comes after a successful career in acting and voice work, despite recent controversies.

In December 2021, it was announced that Jeff Garlin left ‘The Goldbergs’ during Season 9 production of the show; with controversies surrounding the actor, alleging he was engaging in verbal and physical conduct on the set. Let’s take a look at Garlin’s current net worth in light of these events.

Garlin’s Career with The Goldbergs

Jeff Garlin’s tenure on ‘The Goldbergs’ spanned from the show’s inception on September 24, 2013, until his exit in December 2021, amidst the show’s ninth season.

The series, which wrapped up in May 2023 after ten seasons, featured Garlin in the role of the Goldberg family patriarch, Murray Goldberg. His character was known for a pragmatic view of his children’s abilities, his love of sports, and a staunch work ethic, in contrast with his relaxed demeanor at home.

Garlin’s exit from ‘The Goldbergs’ was followed by a human resources investigation into allegations of verbal and physical conduct on set that reportedly made coworkers uncomfortable. Despite denying any wrongdoing and attributing the incidents to misinterpreted humor, a mutual decision was reached for Garlin not to return to the show.

Following Garlin’s departure, the series used outtakes, CGI, and stand-ins to continue featuring his character until the character’s off-screen death between the ninth and tenth seasons.

Jeff Garlin’s 2023 Net Worth and Career After the Show

As of 2023, Jeff Garlin’s net worth stands at $20 million. His career in entertainment spans various roles, including HBO’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and ‘Arrested Development.’

Garlin also did voice acting in animated movies like ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Toy Story 3,’ among others. He ventured into directing with his film ‘Dealin’ with Idiots’ in 2013, inspired by his experiences in Little League.

In addition to his on-screen success, Garlin has made real estate investments. He owns a condo in Chicago’s Gold Coast and a primary residence in Sherman Oaks.

Post-‘The Goldbergs,’ Garlin has continued his acting career. He appeared in films such as ‘Studio 666‘ and ‘Babylon,‘ and landed a role in the Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever.



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